Dvd-r finalizing and finalizing

hello I hope someone can help.just lately whenever I try to burn a dvd-r more than often the disc gets right at the end 100% burned, the finalizing just keeps going and going and it will not finalize the disc:-( ,I have quite a collection of coasters now,any ideas? I tried different copiers and burners with the same result,my system is windows xp home edition,copying with apollo dvd ,1click,clone dvd,burning with nero,vso s copytodvd,clonedvd,I am using good brand name blank dvd-r ms,verbatim and imitation,defntly no princo :), loads of memory and the problems above only started just lately,thanks for reading this.

this is not really specific enough, it can be because of many reasons, but can you post logs of your software or describe more clearly?

Did you upgrade? install new firmware/software lately? Try reverting?
maybe your drive is dying? what model is it? how old?