DVD+R errors - incompatible disc

Hello all!

Just bought the HP Super Multi DVD Writer (HP DVD 840E). Come with Nero software suite. Created a slideshow with standard transitions and music (no video yet). Saves fine and plays fine from inside the software but when BURN is 95% ‘done’, an error comes up telling me the disc is incompatable. This drive is supposudly compatible with +R’s and -R’s so that shouldn’t matter (I have tried both disc formats)…what to do?

Am I messing up a setting inside Nero? Bad drive? All looks fine until that last moment…help!

Many thanks.

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Could be the media quality which is giving you problems. What brand of +Rs (and -Rs) are you using?

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Memorex. I hope it’s not that.

Unfortunately it probably is. Memorex put all sorts of crap under their name these days.

If you could download CD-DVD Speed, fire it up and put one of your discs in the drive. Then post the text under the ‘Disc Info’ tab…

That could be your problem. These days, some brands get their DVD recordable stock from a pile of several disk manufacturers’ “rejects.” In the case of Memorex, they get mostly B-grade media or disk manufacturers’ rejects (some of which should have been discarded at the disk manufacturers’ factory). Moreover, Memorex usually gets its disks from companies which have historically had poor quality control - and since these manufacturers often produce so many defective DVD recordable disks, those manufacturers would rather not take a huge loss in manufacturing costs, and instead turn to marketers like Memorex to sell their product with practically no quality checking.

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You’re right Andy: sorry about that. I’ll report the broken forum link…

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