DVD-R/DVD-RW compaibilty with Universal DVD player



I am a neophite techie when it comes to all this – but I am stumpted why this is not working…I purchases a Pioneer DVR-420H DVD recorder – it states that it supports DVD-R and DVD-RW formats. I recorded a bunch of home videos onto these formats, but when I put them in my Lexicon RT-10 Universal player, it says error loading. The lexicon also says it supports DVD-RW/R formats…so, what is going on. Do i need to do something additional on the pioneer befoire I can view these disks on my lexicon player. Help! this should not be so complicated… :confused:


Most recorders have a final step where they “finalize” or “close” the disc so they can be read by other machines. Are you doing that?

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Taa-daa - I see that hidden in the users guide. You’d think they’d put that in big bold letters. I’ll try that, but question – does that mean I can’t record on the disc anymore?