DVD+R DVD+RW booktype compatibility woes



Dam this is annoying. My stupid home player wont recognize DVD+R media unless the booktype is forced to DVD-rom. That would be ok but with DVD+RW media it’s exactly the bloody opposite. It handles DVD+RW media just fine if the booktype is unaltered but wont touch it if the booktype is forced to DVD-rom.

My burner is Pioneer 108 and it doesn’t allow booktype setting so for a very long time I couldn’t use DVD+R, not if I wanted to be able to play it in my home player that is, but I could use DVD-R and DVD+RW without any problems.

Now I’ve flashed an alternate firmware (piodata rev 118) and with this firmware it always forces the booktype of both DVD+R and DVD+RW media to DVD-rom. Great, so now DVD+R’s I burn are ok but I can no longer use my DVD+RW’s in the player. Grrrrrrr.

Well there’s a sort of a way out. The booktype of the DVD+RW media only seems to get set either when a new disk is used for the first time or when it undergoes a full (not quick) erase. So at least if I full erase on another burner that sets the book type of +RW’s to DVD+RW then I seem to be able to burn (and quick erase) these media as many times as I wish and the booktype stays at DVD+RW and I am able to play them.

Has anyone else ever come across this type of problem before.


It is possible to change the booktype of a +RW disc after it is burned using Nero CDSpeed or other utilities (assuming the drive supports that function.)

Though I have a BenQ DW1620 which full bitsetting support even with the official firmware, so I don’t worry about this sort of problem.


I am not surprised as many manufacturers go to great lengths to block you from using something they don’t “support”. Firs thing I did when I got serious was go with Philips players. They play anything. Your fix is a good one. I use the same thing in reverse to get my LG drive to write +RW as ROM.


That’s the whole point, I don’t have any options to change the booktype, not in Nero, not in CDspeed, not in DVDinfopro, it’s nowhere nohow with this burner!. With the original firmware it’s always forced +R or +RW booktype (no options) and with the alternate firmware its always forced -rom booktype (again no options).

They play anything. Your fix is a good one. I use the same thing in reverse to get my LG drive to write +RW as ROM.

Thanks for the info chas. At the moment I’m still a little confused about exactly what I can and cant do without the booktype of these +RW’s reverting to -rom in my burner. For example the ones that I did a full format (erase) in another burner seem to keep the +RW booktype even after I rewrite them with new data. This made me think that once the booktype was set to +RW that it would be ok unless I did a full erase on my burner.

But then last night I tried something different, I took a brand new unused +RW disc and burnt just one small file onto it in another burner (instead of the full erase that I used with the other discs). Nero said it was formatting the disc for use, then it wrote the small file and a long leadout and sure enough the disc was then set to +rw booktype. So I thought this had achived the same result as a full erase (and more quickly), but when I rewrote this disc in my burner it set the booktype back to -rom and my player borked at it again. I dont understand why the full erase lets it keep the +RW booktype after being rewitten in my burner but when I just wrote files to a new disc to set the booktype that it didn’t keep the booktype when rewritten.

Any ideas?


I would say you are stuck. If it were my burner, I would go back to the Pioneer firmware and avoid +R discs. If I recall correctly, Pioneer does a much better job with -R; I know the 107 I had for a while did so. If I find a firmware that only sets +R I’ll post a link. If you really want to bitset only +R you probably need to get a different burner. I know my LG 4163 only bitsets +R. You just don’t have the right drive for a lot of firmware options.

There is another firmware from Buffalo that mentions bitsetting for +R. I don’t know about the 108 or +RW yet.


Yep I was thinking about going back to the original firmware and just avoiding +R media altogther. Either that or maybe it’s time for a new home player. :slight_smile:


[useless advice]

get a benq 1620 … that can change the booktype of a DVD+RW disk at any time.

[/useless advice]


Or an LG that will only change +R. Actually, it is much cheaper and more productive to stay with -R.


Soon BenQ 1620 can change the booktype of a +R/RW/DL to any supported booktypes (+ and -). :iagree: Very soon…