Dvd + r dvd - r

what should i be useing to make backups and or whats the diff in this media

This basic info you are able to retrieve/ find out by yourself using search:smiley:

BTW, “IsoBuster” is a great tool. (Has nothing to do with your question though).

does the dvd-R take movies better than the +r i havent had any luck burning movies the ones i have made work great in the computer but you put it in any stand alone dvd player and they eather dont play/thell go for a bit and freeze up/sometines they keep trying to access the disk i thought maby i had the wrong media i have the dvd+ r thanks for any help

Some players prefer -R (or +R bitset to -ROM), but it sounds like a media problem…try some better quality media, and see how you get on.

there’s a sticky thread entitles "what is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R in the blank media forum. that has more information than you’ll ever WANT to know on blank dvd media :wink:


also check out videohelp.com
search for your dvd player(s) to see if they like -R’s or +R better.

Excellent advice.