DVD+R , DVD-R which to use

I understand certain older playback devices are media dependent, apart from this issue, are there reasons to choose one format over the other for general use in newer devices? My primary uses are archiving data, music, backing up applications and videos, etc. Thanks in advance.

That’s a question you are going to have to answer yourself. Based on the info given, you are going to have to try each format, (Verbatims of course), & see which format does what you recquire, also works best with your unit, maybe they both do, who knows.

kind of figured that might be the answer. I’ve been using + for the most part and have had 0 problems. Then again the odd stack of - haven’t given me any grief either. Thanks for the quick reply.

Good soup especially the Russian recipes. Don’t forget the fresh dill.

You are welcome & continued good luck with your blank media. I like beef barley, but have never looked at any Russian recipes, thanks for the tip.