DVD+R DVD-R, Whats the dif?

Im sorta new to copying with DVD’s and such, although I’ve been around for a while in the CD-R copying world. I was at CompUSA yesterday and i saw two boxes of DVD media, both the same price for the same amount of discs, yet one was labled DVD+R and one DVD-R. Could someone explain the difference?

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The difference is different according to whom you ask to. There are basically and roughly three types of answers.

  1. DVD-R is generally more compatible with standalone DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM PC drives and the media are cheaper than DVD+R equivalent and it is the DVD recordable format standard recognized and promoted by DVD Forum. More people have PC drives that can write to DVD-R media than DVD+R.

  2. DVD+R and DVD+RW are faster, more scalable, supported by more PC hardware and software companies, and have more features such as Mt. Rainier. If you compare Verbatim DVD-R with Verbatim DVD+R, the prices are almost the same and sometimes DVD+R media are cheaper and there is yet no 2.0x DVD-RW media while there have been 2.4x DVD+RW media for about 15 months.

  3. Both DVD-R and DVD+R are intended for the same purpose and based on the same materials and technology. As long as the end users want to create DVD-Video and PC data disc that can hold up to 4.7GB on one physical media side, they are the same and arguments and standard war are pointless.

I think it is best to take all three types of opinions into consideration. No one can be completely correct in this.