Dvd+r, Dvd-r & Ps2-30001

Hi All,

I am new to DVD burning. I see many people perfer using +R here.
But do SONY PS2-30001 like +R? most of my friends say they are
using -R to backup their PS2 games and other data & movie.
Are they stupid…? If +R is better like most of you guys say,
should I use +R…?


just change your booktype for +r to dvd-rom
all set
30001 might be a version 2\3\4


thanks for answer. But do you mean +R w/ DVD-ROM is better,
or equal to -R when using on PS2-30001…? Or, -R is still better
for PS2…?


i would say equal
thats just my opinion

-r is better for the ps2. I have heard a lot of people say that for some reason +r even with the dvd-rom booktype has not worked well. i personally know this to be true. just stick to -r. i have a v7 console btw.

i have a ver 2 and a version 10… doesnt matter what i burn it works in them both
lol go figure

p.s. if anything i would just make sure there good quality burns of your backup… because a disc that is hard to read will burnout your laser or BA chip
in time

Oh I See, Thanks all for the info…!!