DVD-R DVD+R observation

I was looking around the forum in search of which DVD media to get for myself – DVD-R or DVD+R.

Whenever someone posted asking which one to get or format is more superior, people seem to be reluctant to reply, or they say something like … it depends … on what you want to do. Or they say it doesn’t really matter.

At the same time they provide links to DVD+R media.
And when someone wanted to get DVD-R media, people asked… Why -R ?? !

Something’s not right here … :slight_smile:

Possibly, some people are tired of answering the same question over and over :wink: And it really depends. Some 4x +R brands are known to burn well at 8x, while not many 4x -Rs will burn at 8x nicely. for example. If you don’t mind waiting extra 8 minutes, then you can get 4x -R, and be happy. Or your standalone DVD player doesn’t play +Rs, and there’s no utility to set the book type to DVD-ROM, and so you go with -Rs.
Or you’re a LiteON owner, and you can go with cheaper Ricoh +R or more expensive TY -R. What do you choose if the burning quality is the same?
The bottom line is there’s no general answer. Everyone should make a decision based on personal conditions and media prices and availability in the area.

k, that makes sense now, thanks !

before I was just puzzled.

that answer was right on the head. i have a nec2500a. i use -R’s to backup my xbox games. my toshiba stand alone doesn’t like 4X+R’s all of the time but it will play -R’s with absolutely no problem. So I can booktype it to -R’s or I can go out and get some 8x+R’s, which my Toshiba loves. So I have a few choices. That’s what makes it so great. I have a TDK420N DVD+RW, but it only records @ 4x and only does +R’s. So just continue to come to this forum and READ, READ, READ.