DVD+R/DVD+R DL freezes on DVD Player

I am using DVD Shrink 2.2 and/or DVD Decryptor to burn regular DVD+R and DVD+R DL disks. I b urn them on a HP dvd 840 Dual Layer burner. I use Maxell DVD+R disks and RiDATA DVD+R DL disks for the Dual Layer burns.

I have a Bose 321 GS Series 2 Home Theater system. When I try to play either +R format disks on this player, they will play for about 15 - 40 minutes, then freeze. I have to reboot the DVD player to break out of the frozen condition. The DVD player does not lock up or freeze at the same place every time. Sometimes it gets farther, sometimes earlier in the playback before it locks up.

I have uploaded the latest software update from Bose to the receiver. The fact that it will play original disks, but locks up on the burned DVD+R/DVD+R DL disks makes me think that the problem is not with the Bose receiver.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Ed Wood

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The +R DL problem I’d say is due to crappy media - Verbatim is the only safe choice for trouble-free burns on DL media.

Now, regarding the Maxell +R…what speed did you burn these at?

In DVD Shrink, I use the default mode. I cannot see anywhere I can change the write speed. In DVD Dcrypter, I use the auto mode. I do not change the settings when I burn disks.

I also have Pinnacle’s Studio Plus Titanium v. 11.2. that I use to burn self-created movies. I do not have any problems with playback of movies created with this program. Do you suppose that the CSS coding could be causing problems in DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter?

Ed Wood