Dvd-r dual layer and dvd+r double layer



does anyone know where i can get dvd-r dL blank dvds??? preferablly tys???
does ty make dvd-r dual layer media?? i tried supermedia store but they just have dvd+r dL. There is a diff between dvd-r dual layer and dvd+r double layer. 1 is dual and 1 is double. same 8.5 though. anyone know where i can get my hands on some dvd-r DL??? TYS??? :confused:


T.Y. has no dual or double layer media, why? I do not know.Maybe it is a quality issue,or lack of demand,too expensive just speculation on my part.I wish they did make dl media because Verbatim dl is not up to my standards. I have used a lot of them in different drives like benq and lg.Sorry Verbatim fans but a large total pif scan just bothers me.