DVD- R drive

Is it, or will it ever have a single side double layer Writeable DVD and with drive support it on the market??

If yes… when?? if not… then why not??

i think you should go for the " + " version

@dami: There is no connection between the question and your answer.
Neither is there any reason to go for + or - (unless you haven’t yet heard of the Sony DRU500A, which has first been announced on CeBit 2002 and at least 2 times on cdfreaks newspostings).

Dual Layer DVD±R(W) discs are not very likely to become available soon: I can’t believe that Hollywood would like such discs :wink: , and the techinal issue is not easy either.


i could have typed a bit more

i just wanted to react on the fact that he uses "- ". All i wanted to make clear is that there is also the "+ "version. My guess is that the “+” will win because of it support, even by Microsoft.

2 layered disks;
tmpgenc can make dvd quality movies on 4.7 gig, that play on most standalone dvd-players. So there is no real need for dual layer movies. At the moment i don’t know if surround sound will fit in the disk too.

When is Microsoft going to support it? Next windows version, right? This might be 2004 or so I guess…Some of us will have blue ray disc writers then :slight_smile:

perhaps…but MS supports +, not -

and we must admit, they have the power to make and brake


Are they planning real support, or only unreliable, system-crashing packet writing, which I can do with InCD, DirectCD and InstantWrite?

try to see it positive
not everything they do is bad

i need large amount of data to be stored… and 4.7 Gb is just not enough… and if it would support dual layer that means i could cut down my disk number by half!!!

I know there are dual side DVD but i don’t like the idea of that… i would rather have single side dual layer…

dvd-ram…is capable of 9 gig +, but i don’t think that standard will survive