DVD+R Double Layer

I just bought some TDK DVD+R Double Layer Disks 8.5GB Single Sided cause I wanted to back up my Mp3 folders. I burned with Nero using my Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108 And when the burn process completes I cant open the Disk. If I insert it into my DVD Drive the Autoplay Searches for an eternity and If I try and cancell it, it freezes my computer. I am unable to use the Disk, although Nero said the burn was successful, and I saw Nero switch Layers as it was burning from layer 1 to layer 2. I managed to get one disk to open, and while I was copying from disk to My Documents Folder the process stoped ,and I got an error about redundant cyclic check ? Can anyone help with accessing the data on these disks, as they have 7GB of mp3s on each disk :confused:

Don’t tell me you deleted from the HD before checking all was well!

I, and many others here , would only use Verbatim DL media but I would have only used single layer for this type of job.

You might be able to get something back with ISOBuster, many here recommend it although I’ve never had the need fortunately.

True - like Tim, I only store my important backups on SL media, but if it had to be DL, I’d use Verbatim.

Along with Tim’s ISOBuster suggestion, maybe you’d have better luck with another drive.

Agreed , I don’t think that Pioneers are the greatest readers. Know anyone with a Liteon?

Dvdisaster does a better job than ISObuster IMO. Or possibly CDcheck if you want to extract files directly instead of ripping to ISO with dvdisaster and mount ISO with something like Daemon Tools and copy the files.

But I would do the former even if it’s more work, as it’s more likely to work.

I still have the files on my hard drive, and also I have them on Normal DVD+R too, but I bought the Double Layer thinking I could store more on less disks,and the other disks are getting a bit worn and scratched. I’ll try a couple of verbatim disks, before going out and spending $40 on TDKS five pack. Do you think It might work better If I burned with something else like Roxio Easy Media Creator or something like that?

If you get a 5-pack of any DL media, get Verbatim :wink:

I doubt the burning software would make a difference for plain data backups…it’s the quality of the media that counts :slight_smile:

It won’t burn better but I think that Roxio 7.5 is much better for MP3 compilation than Nero anyway. Roxio will give you playlists that many DVD players need with MP3 on DVD. Certainly my Pioneer DVD player needs a playlist.

I’m not much into DL burning but I heard that ImgBurn would be much better and Nero would fail a lot with layer breaks…?

Good point. But I was never sure whether this was the case with plain data files (i.e, not an ISO).

I know if you’ve backed up a movie to ISO, then ImgBurn is the proggy to use for the exact reason you just stated.


i wouldn’t think that’s a good idea.
regular DVD+R (Single Layer) are cheaper and you can burn them faster. and you have a larger selection of media = better compatibility.