To anybody in the know - I’m aware that the CloneDVD2 program works great using the DVD+R DL’s, and I’ve been utilizing that feature…but the new DVD-R DL’s are out now and was wondering if anybody (Ollie :bow: ) knows if the program will soon allow for that type of disk as well?

Yes - you may ask why not just stick with the +R DL’s? Because I was stupid and bought a 3-pack of the -R DL’s and can’t return them. So - I don’t want to just use them as coasters…

Thanks, guys - appreciate your wisdom!!! :clap:


hi…i can’t answer your original question…but i have a question for you…how much did that 3 pack of -dvd dl cost you? here in the u.s. where i live a 3 pack of -dvd dl is about $15.00…$5.00 per disc…while the burners are inexpensive now…i’ve hestitated buying one because of the prohibitive cost of the media…4.7 gig -dvd or +dvd in a spindle of 50 now go for less than $15.00 here…so those dl discs will have to come down in price alot for me to even consider buying a burner…much less the media…

Yep - same problem as you have - the cost is a little high - average where I’m at is about $19.99 for a three pack - so about $6.50 each. If I wasn’t so anal about not having to split a movie onto two disks, I wouldn’t do it. Of course - I try NOT to do it unless it’s a extra-long movie, like Dances With Wolves, etc…

But CloneDVD2 works great if you do try it out - excellent quality. I’ve been using Verbatim and Fuji DL’s…

No, because DVD-R DL are almost impossible to get in Switzerland.

Olli - that’s not the news I was hoping for!! :sad: Oh well - thanks for taking the time to let me know.

Excellent product, by the way! :clap:


bump, sry

If you cant use Dual Layer with Clone dvd then how do you copy to them?:confused:

Sorry I understand, it was - you were taking about. Clone only works with +DL

You can use dual layer…the + kind, not the - kind with CloneDVD.