DVD-R DLs deals>?<

I was searching Outpost.com amazon and ebay
For DVD-R DL discs
But the only company i see that is selling them are ritek/ridata

And on Newegg people rate them 1 out of 5…

Does anyone here know a good site, or place/anywhere
that might sell them?

PS: DVD Minus DL only.

Look at rima.com They have the -R DL Verbatim’s for $14.50 for a three pack. Don’t really think this is much of a deal, but I wouldn’t trust any other brand on DL media at this point.

I wouldn’t trust D/L DVD-R at this point PERIOD. D/L DVD+R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM is far more affordable ($2 a disc can be seen pretty regularly on the D/L DVD+R Verbatims) and compatible with all sorts of applications/players. The D/L DVD-R format as a whole is less compatible than the D/L DVD+R discs.

I’m with Jesterrace. As far as I’m concerned +R DL isn’t even as developed and tried and true as I’d like it to be, much less the -R. Because it’s so much newer, firmware support for -R DL while existent, may not be adequate on MANY drives.

over the last few months, i can’t say that I’ve seen ANY reports of -R DL media being on sale (although I haven’t been looking for it either so it’s possible I’m wrong).

to echo statements from above, I wouldn’t trust anything but verbatim.

Yup, not to mention, all drives that support D/L DVD-R support D/L DVD+R (at least I haven’t seen any that won’t). So the issue of D/L DVD-R only doesn’t make sense.

IS it possible to make my - burner burn + discs? or no?

What is the model of your burner?? Are you sure it can even burn DVD-R DL? I’m not even aware of any burner that supports DVD-R DL and not DVD+R DL as well.

BTW, +R DL is the way to go IMO, as everyone else has already stated.

Nec-3450a …

Your drive supports +R, -R, and +R DL (according to Videohelp). You can also convert your drive to a 3500 via firmware, which I’d suggest as you’ll get better firmware, resulting in better burn quality, faster burn speeds, bitsetting of +R media, etc.

I’d suggest using the latest version of Liggy and Dee’s modified firmware after converting to a 3500. You can burn +R DL media up to 4x I believe once you’ve updated the FW. - http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page.php/3500/

Dont forget that flashing your drive viods the guarentee… and i have found this uk website that has some truely great deals… which makes me suspisious… http://www.rivierapublishing.co.uk/acatalog/DUAL_LAYER._DUAL_LATER_MEDIA__DUAL_LAYER_DVD_R.html

In most cases, you can flash back anyway. I don’t know if you can in this case since it’s crossflashing to another drive, but if it’s a 3450, I’m guessing it may be in a Dell and it’s probably out of warranty at this point. Regardless, flashing NEC drives is typically very simple and rarely do people have any trouble.

Ok so in that site i download Dees? or the one in the middle that says liggys

Which one on that list do i download first the bitsetting 3500 firmware?

Download the conversion tool to convert it to a 3500, if for some odd reason you want to revert back to a 3450, you can with the tool - http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page.php/driveconv/

After converting, choose a FW of your choice - I don’t have that particular drive so you may want to research or ask in the NEC forum what the ‘best’ FW would be for your uses. I would probably try ‘Liggy’s 3500 bitsetting FW 2.1a’ personally as it is based on the latest write strategies, allows bitsetting, and allows faster rip speeds (the ‘fast’ version). It may or may not be the best choice for you, but you’ll get one of the most current FWs so it should perform well. MadDog FW’s are popular as well, so Dee’s 2.TG may be another good choice. Check the NEC forums for more info.

Ok im at a 3500A model now

But i still cant make +dl copies, is there something i missed?

Why can you not make +R D/L backups? What is it saying?

Uhh, do you have DL media???

Yes i have a 20pack of Verbatim 4x +DL media.

ok this is what i did

I did a simulation with my plain DVD minus R media-it worked
I did a simulation with my DVD plus R DL media-did not work

What burn program? What settings?

IIRC, you can’t do simulation write with +R media; that’s what “cdrecord” says, anyway.