Dvd+r Dl?

the price of DVD+R DL will be…?
i think that i read one comment talking about USD$13, but that was long time ago( 2 or 3 months). i just need an estimated value.

Right now, the only DL units for sale that I know about are the Verbatim “solution” packs that contain 10 discs: 8 +R, 1 +RW and 1 DL. The entire package cost is $30, which averages to $3 per disc. If we say that each of the +R discs are $2 and the +RW is $3, then the DL disc would come out to $11. But it’s hard to estimate just how the costs will break down so this isn’t exactly the best estimate of DL prices. It could also very well be that come late June when DL discs go on general sale, prices would have changed.

look, in a website from Argentina a retailer said that the price will be about USD$7
can be true?

Sounds reasonable. Esp. since your “will be” implies that these won’t be shipping until the end of the month (like most other retailers), and by then, prices would’ve changed.

Yeah but to really take off they should make the prices with practically no difference from the SL discs. When will double layered discs come out? Any predictions?

End of the month for general availability, IIRC. Right now, you can get them as a part of very expensive bundles.

I heard DVD+R DL price right now is about US$10, of course if you have the right sources to buy them from. When Ritek and others begin volume production, it will be priced more or less like DVD+R 4x and DVD-RAM 3x.

in my country the first DVD+R DL will value USD$25!!!