Dvd+r DL

I made a back-up copy of a harry potter movie and viewed it and it worked perfectly. I then put away for safe keeping. However, my son and daughter managed to mess up the original. So I got the backup out and it locks up. Tried it in my computer and it fails in different parts of the movie. Says it is dirty or damaged. It had only been stored for about a year. Can anyone explain?

Nothing is forever. Depending on the used burner, firmware, media a backup can be good for some years of if not fail after some days…

Try with some drives to read an image off the “sources” to hdd, then burn this image using imgburn to media from Verbatim or TY.

no offense but WHY would you let those kids use the original copy? … cause normally your supposed to use the “backup” for general use (since it’s cheaper) and keep the original copy safe for future backups in case the kids mess up the backup.

o well, aint much we can do about it now :frowning:

also some advice about DVD+R DL discs… if you want a reliable DVD+R DL disc… use only Verbatim brand! as there pretty much the only reliable brand of DL media out there for the most part… cause if your using a decent burner with Verbatim they almost for sure will work good and last a while… also i aint sure on this part but the layer break point i think is important which a FREE program like ImgBurn will take care of for you etc.

BUT why not just use standard DVD+R discs to backup your kids movies? … cause it aint like you have to have TOP QUALITY for a kids movie anyways :wink: and DVD+R discs still would keep a high percentage of the quality even when compressed from the pressed dvd (odds are a DL disc) to a standard 4.7GB recordable dvd.

but in general if your real serious about backing up dvd’s or other important data you cant afford to lose… i would recommend making 2 backups (possibly on 2 different brands of media) on DVD+R etc and a backup on a hard drive… this way odds of all these failing at once is VERY SLIM, hence you will never lose the data :wink: … although i realize that this option aint for everyone cause of time it takes and costs etc.

I would be interested to know the brand/MID of the backup disc, since it doesn’t appear to be mentioned in the OP. :slight_smile: