DVD+R DL Won't play on standalone

Have tried 3 or 4 times to burn & play DL disks (Verbatim) & they won’t load on my phillips 642. Plays on the computer though. Thought I’d get some info before wasting any more. I always back up movie only. My question is would I have better luck backing up the whole disk? I thought I read somewhere on this site about not disturbing the layer break. Any Ideas. burned @ 2.4x w/nero.

Are you burning the discs with booktype set to DVD-ROM? This can help with compatibility on standalones…

I have to admit I didn’t check that imkidd. I’ll try one more. Thanks

What is your thinking on movie only or whole disk. Would that make a difference?

That really shouldn’t matter and your compression will be huge You can find softwares like Image burn to burn an ISO and set the layer break, or you can use DVD shrink to create an ISO file and burn a ISO image with Nero CD-DVD Speed. This works fine for me. Like imkidd57 said bittsetting is important for some standalones.

crossq - What I really was wondering about is whether I would get better compatibility with DL disks if I burned whole disk instead of just the main movie.
Something to do with layer break?

Most of my DL burns have been re authored and work fine but you may have to experiment, I did a quick forum search for Layer breakand there is a lot of discussion on that subject and copying the entire disc that may help you.:slight_smile:

Thanks crossg for pointing me in the right direction. Exactly what I was looking for. You da man.