DVD+R DL with Ricoh MID degraded, unreadable

I have a full set of discs which looks now like on the attached file. I cannot access the files on the second layer anymore.

The disc is was sold as Intenso DVD+R DL 8×, 25 pcs. spindle (batch 2009)
Data written in 02-2009.

The disc was burned with a PLEXTOR PX-755A

I tested now 6 discs from the same batch - all have the same problem.
(I tested on 3 different drives - the problem is not the reader)

I moved this post out of the Ricoh DL media results thread to discuss it.

Is this genuine Ricoh media, manufactured by Ritek, MBI, FTI, or Ricoh itself? Which media code is it?

It is labeled as Intenso - the media code is RICOHJPN D01 (067).

I had problems with another disc of that batch already a year ago (see attachments) - but since the PX-716 was dying I did not pay more attention.

Can you read the impossibly small hub & stamper codes in the center of the disc?

I found now a disc which is still readable and was written with the same burner (PX-755A) . But it was written later (July 2009) - so I am not sure whether the burner had the same firmware.
The 1st scan is from 01-2013, the second one from 02-2014. Only slight changes - and this could be caused since it is another reader now.

I am not sure at which speed I burned the discs but I guess it was always @4x (I never burned data at max speed).

I don’t find there any. Is this possible?! In generally I do not check - but when I check then I always found these codes.

Intenso is fake RICOHJPN D01.

The last disc of this cake box I burnt in December 2012 with a Plextor PX-L890SA 1.07 @4x speed.
On the same day I did a quality scan with the same burner @4x.

Today I did a scan with a PX-B950UE. Unfortunately @max speed. But to be sure that it is not caused by the higher speed I did a range test @4x.

As you can see the results are pretty bad.

But the disc is still readable. I burned till now 10 of the 25 discs. One was a test disc. 7 of the other 9 are not readable anymore.
As you can see at this burn it looks so whether the discs are degrading only after burning. I was checking again. I bought the cake box already in 2008 and not 2009.

The transfer rate test looks normal.

It’s good to know that this isn’t genuine Ricoh, but some knock-off. Still sad that you had to encounter them this way.

[QUOTE=Two Degrees;2719355]Intenso is fake RICOHJPN D01.[/QUOTE]

:iagree:…made by Umedisc.

Real RICOHJPN D01 written on a modern writer isn’t likely to cause many issues. Sadly, many lesser quality manufacturers of DVD+R DL use knock-off RICOHJPN D01 MID codes…