DVD-R DL support and LG GSA-4163B

I have the LG GSA-4163B, am I right in assuming that this drive DOES NOT support DVD-R DL discs, but does support DVD+R DL?

My impression is that DVD-R is better for DVD-Video and DVD+R is better for data.

Since I am starting to burn more DVD-Video it pains me if I want DVD-R DL support to purchase another drive.

In case of DL this is not correct, actually.
DVD+R DL is recommended because most burners set the Booktype to DVD-ROM for max. compatibility! For DVD-R DL the actually used “Booktype” (it doesn’t REALLY exist for -R) is DVD-R.
Conclusion: Use DVD+R DL for DVD-VIDEO stuff, especially if your burner sets the Booktype to DVD-ROM!!

Thanks for the tip on the difference for DL discs. I checked anyway…the drive doesn’t seem to support DVD-R DL. I’m having good luck with the DVD+R DL anyway.

It would be interesting to run a compatibility test thought with a DVD-R DL disc.

As I have two Toshiba players. Only the newer one plays the Verbatim DVD+R DL discs I’ve been burning - except oddly enough for the first one ever I burned which works (On the older player) after ejecting due to disc error, then re-inserting. (Not sure why)

The older player has a sticker on the front listing DVD-R compatibility.

  • media is supposed to be superior than - media from a technological point of view. The tracks for the + media is burned more defined.

I’ve heard arguments both ways. Pioneer drives prove that -R can burn just as well as +R, so the technological perspective is often the least useful in real world performance. I’ve heard +R (this is all single-layer talk BTW) booktyped to -ROM is just as compatible as -R, but others say -R still has a slight edge in terms of compatibility. At the end of the day, either format is fine, except in the case of DL, where +R is clearly more compatible with other devices.


Only Philips say this and never proved that´s true :Z

And with 16x-media DVD-R have better writing-quality-results than DVD-R, the c´t-magazine proved it more than one times

Yup, agree with this.

Me too :bigsmile:

Philips theoretical better specs of +R never has been proved.

Tried some media on a Cybercom DVD-Player. Every -R works well, but it have problems with +R, Booktype doesn´t matter. What helps me the theoretical advantages of +R if the discs won´t play on my drives? The theoretical better error-correction is also only theoretical.

+R DL is better than -R DL, that´s true because of the Booktype-setting.

The old idea of DVD-R being better for video does NOT apply to DVD-DL discs. DVD-DL is a rather new standard and many old DVD players simply don’t support it at all. If your DVD player is more than a year old, chances are that it will have problems playing DVD-DL discs. DVD+DL discs actually have better compatibility with DVD players.

I always prefer +R for video and for data.
No problems.Bitsetting is the way to go for me.

Same opinion…

-R has big problems in media quality.

+R has the best quality burnings. The best choice with addition of DVD-ROM booktype…


Do you compare Princo -R with TY +R ?

Princo can make DVD-R and never could manufacture DVD+R (never satisfied +R specs). I bought five pieces of that thing and all were coasters, so never bought it again…


is bulsh*t compared to:

or cheaper
DVD+R VDSPMAB001 [Interaxia AG]
DVD+R optodisc

Probed in my burners:

HP DVD200i
LG GSA 4040B

If you like, I can send you scans of my DVD+R and DVD-Rs recorded 2 years ago with TY and RICOHJPN00 compared … So you can see which media is better after 2 years…

All brands of TY I probed are coasters, or my Panasonic SC-DK20, my Philips DVD-955 or my Pioneer Car DVD-7300 can’t read it. So I discarded TY long time ago, and I don’t see why TY is soo good for you… And TY is not recognized as good media in my country and is hard to find it.

And remember that Panasonic SC-DK20 is not compatible with +R media, but with ROM booktype settings read it better than DVD-R and faster in media recognizing times… (Of course DVD-ROM bitset)

hehe…Is this the twi-light zone? It feels like the year 2001 in here.


MCC03RG20 and TYGx are very good media, if you have a good writer

And try some newer media, DVD+R 16x. Only MCC004 is good, the others are bulls*it

Really, it looks like a terrible flashback…