DVD-r DL suggestions?

Hey guys i’m a newb one it comes to dual layer discs so i would like you guys that have experimented with brands,to make some suggestions as for dvd-r dl discs.First of all as for dvd-r and dvd+r go are dvd+r the better ones?And then as for brands?

DVD+RDL bitset to DVD-ROM has thus far proven more compatible with other devices than has DVD-RDL, though as newer players come out this will become less of an issue. Either way, as far as brands go, there is only one to consider–Verbatim.

Yes that’s what most people on forums are saying as for dvd+r dl.But here on my country they’are expensive.Like 8+ euros apiece.

Isn’t there any alternative to consider?

Not really, unless you don’t care if the discs play back on standalone devices. Mitsubishi seems to be the only manufacturer that can make good DL media. Avoid Ritek DL media (sold as Traxdata among others) at all costs.

Actually i need this for a ps2 dvd-9 backup not movies.I got a primedisc dvd+r dl,but next time i’ll ty a verbatim.Thanx for the help.

DEFINITELY GET VERBATIM THEN!!! Game consoles are FAR more fussy with what they read then regular standalone DVD Players. Verbatim D/L DVD+R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM are the ONLY way to go for D/L. I have an “R” version NTSC PS2 and it reads both game and movie backups on D/L Verbatim DVD+R (with the booktype set to DVD-ROM) without a hitch.