DVD+R DL (stupid question)

Can anyone tell me why DL media (namely DVD+R DL) is still so expensive? I konw it may be a stupid question, but I just wanted to see what guys would say. Thanks.

Depends what you call expensive. Prices can differ from seeler to seller. I just bought a Verb +DL from SVP it cost about £3 the same one in a high street electrical shop £5. Let us know what you consider expensive.

Supply and demand, not a lot of people are buying them as of yet and as such they are not produced inthe same quantities oas SL discs.

Let’s see, build a new plant, design a new production line, R&D costs, limited market for an overpriced product, few years later, break even, prices will drop.
Price a blu ray burner, player and media.

Remember when blank cds came out? Not cheap at all

I was thinking they had been around for quite some time now, and that they’re still so high in price, at least compared to SL discs.
A bought one disc for £4. Now I though that that seemed quite a lot. One disc!
What is a SL disc, like, less than 50p?
Does DL DVD media cost a lot more for retail DVD video discs?

Most movies are dl so they can add all the crap,ads,etc.
It also makes it harder to copy to a sl disc.

They’re manufactured in a different way, and pressed (roughly analogous to vinyl discs) rather than actually ‘recorded’ on.