DVD+R DL, still not "up to par"?

I just finished reading through the sticky threads concerning the latest DVD+R DL. Seems to me that there are still quite a few issues with common burners, that creates a problem when writing from the 1st to the 2nd layer.

I went to Newegg and found a 25 DVD+R DL pack for $40, thought that it was a great deal until I read the reviews. Many people were complaining about coasters, most who complained, mentioned that they received a write error when going from the 1st layer to the 2nd layer.

I have around 30 DVDs I want to backup, but I don’t want to waste my time with coasters if DVD+R DL isn’t even ready for production yet! Of course I can always burn int he DVD5 formate (I believe that’s what it is called), but when you are watching a DVD on a nice TV, you wan’t a quality picture!

This is mainly just a discussion, but I would also like to know if there really is any DVD+R DL that will actually work well. The answer itself would help the general public, but in my case I am using a BenQ 1640 drive. If there is something specific just for my drive, then please explain, but also keep note that not everyone will have the same drive.

Hope that makes sense. Off to bed now. Btw, if I shoud just include the 2nd part of my question in this thread, i’ll be happy to do so.

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The only brand of DL media I can recommend - based on my experience and numerous posts in various forums - is Verbatim DL+R.
As far as successful burns, DVDDecrypter in ISO read mode to rip, then ISO write mode to burn (select the MD5 file).
At least once a month the Verbatim DL media goes on sale at various outlets. The cheapest so far was 1.83 per disc.Many folks still say that this is too expensive still… in a way they have a point considering the price of SL media. I look at it this way… I pay between 20-25 bucks for a movie I like on a DVD…2 bucks to create an exact 1:1 backup that I can watch or loan my friends while the original is stored away to prevent loss/theft/damage is worth it.

Expect nothing good from DL brands other than Verbatim.

See this as well


I read that thread, and also a few others on the subject, most weren’t as broad as this thread though.

For $2 per disc, that’s a pretty good deal, however, it seems like the cost goes up once you start burning a few coasters. Of course it will always be less, but it is just amazing how bad some of the DL media is being portrayed.

I’ve worked a little bit with DVDDecrypter, but decided to go with AnyDVD and CloneDVD as an easier option.

The issue is, I want the best quality movie, the one most similar to what the DVDs are. How come we cant just get ahold of the DVDs used to create the movies in the first place? If companies can use these to burn the DVD, we should be able to buy the ones that have not been burned yet.

Maybe there is a program that will take two SL disc and allow you to make a DL movie on two SL discs?

This is possible since the first DVD copier tools like SmartRipper appeared…
Eg with IFOEDIT.

Well then I will do a little bit more searching on CloneDVD to see if I can figure it out.

Guess the DVD+R DL are still not ready for production…

Verbatim DLs are good enough…

from what i know (i’m sure others are more knowledgeable about this than I am), studios don’t “burn” their dvds. they’re pressed in teh same sense that records are pressed. It involves actual machinery, not a bunch of dvd duplicators set up in a copy room.

if you’re interested in keeping quality and don’t really care about all teh extras, single layer dvds are adequate for storing just the main movie most of the time. the quality difference is negligible. it’s not a 1:1 backup of the original, but it’s a thought. I’m sure it’s something you’ve considered, but I just wanted to throw that out there as well especially if people are worried about wasting an arm and a leg on DL media that they’re doubtful will perform well.

from what i know (i’m sure others are more knowledgeable about this than I am), studios don’t “burn” their dvds. they’re pressed in teh same sense that records are pressed. It involves actual machinery, not a bunch of dvd duplicators set up in a copy room.

  • lol, I was way off its just pathetic. Excuse my ignorance, I am very new to the DVD world.

Verbatim DLs are good enough…

  • Which ones are those? All the ones I found, people complained that they ended up with quite a few coasters.

MKM001 are the Verbatim DL+. They are 2.4x rated and can be burnt up to 8x with some burners with excellent results.

People which complain about problems with them have either used a crap burner or a not appropriate and updated software.

There is nothing wrong with DVD+R DL, I have burned 75 movies so far and not one coaster. In my case I used Fujifilm DVD+R DL and Verbatim DVD+R DL media.

Sony DRU-800A
Firmware Ver 5.0

I used AnyDvD and DVDDecrypter to burn them.

I think a couple good guidelines to follow would be

Make sure you defrag your harddrive before you burn
Make sure your burner’s firmware is up to date
Make sure your software is up to date
Make sure you have maximum resources
Make sure your power supply is sufficent, dvd burners pull alot of power when burning

Start up AnyDVD first, Place your movie in drive

Start up DVDDecrypter, Burn in iso mode to the harddrive
You should have two files

One is an iso file (Image of the Movie)
Second one is a mds file ,This is the file that you want to open up with when you go to burn it to disk. It contains information about the layer break

Once you have the image to the hardrive, turn off AnyDVD
Place blank media in the drive
Open mds file with DVDDecrypter
Burn to disk ( I would not burn any faster then 4x )

Most people want to burn it as fast a they can, and that is when you get errors, The slower you burn the better. :cool:

You might have to change your booktype so that DVD+R DL becomes a DVD-Rom, My burner does this by default.

Did you some scans afterwards with what results?
It depends heavily on the used media when you burn DL!

Yes as matter of fact I have, and all have turn out normal. I was even anal enough to check on compatibility issues with various DVD players. I have tested them on the following brand names and all have worked.

Harman Kardon

Even the first movie that I ripped works great, and it’s been over a year. Maybe I’ll branch out and try some different brands and see what kind of results I get. I am just anal on having the right conditions before I burn, so I don’t end up with coasters.

I basicly wanted merlin2000 to not be intimidated by alot of the issues people are having. You just got do alot of reading through the forums and compile information. Look at the people who are having problems, and what seems to be causing their issuses? To people who are not having problems, and what are they doing right?

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The 2.4x rated Verbs have MKM001, but the Fujis have what MID??

Here is some info for ya

Media Name: FUJIFILM
Brand: Fuji
Manufacturer: Ricoh
Made In: Japan
Media Code: RICOHJPN D00(001)
Media Type: DVD+R DL
Rated Speed: 2.4x
Max Storage: 8.5G
Layer Break: 3.8G
Write Surface: Dark Purple
Top Surface: Silver
Printable Surface: No

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And the Ricoh DL media is still a good alternative to Verbatim.

Well so far, there has been no problems for me. :cool:

That’s why i said this. At the moment there’re personally for me only 2 brands for DL
Verbatim and Ricoh!

Yes, I understand that, just stating that I have yet to have problem with the media. :cool: