DVD+R DL Silver

I purchased a 5-pack Traxdata DL 2,4x which have a blue/purple writing surface. The first disc is a bit messed because of Alcohol 120%, it did a simulation, but when the simulation was done and the actual writing wanted to start the DVD was full, because the simulation wasnt a simulation? Wicked huh?
So, that way the session wasnt closed and nero couldnt close it also, guess that disc is in heaven now…

Anyway, 2nd disc worked well without simulation… but then this problem occurs:
I need DL media with a silver bottom to be able to read them, but I cant find any, anyone has a idea where I can get those?

Where in the world did you ever get the idea that “silver bottom” DVDR media even exists at all?
I’ve never seen it…
By the way, the disc ‘color’ doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with readability.

And DL media? ha!
There are only 2 types of DL media available to consumers at the moment:
MKM001 ( Verbatim, Philips )
RITEKD01 ( TraxData, RiData, Memorex )

I suggest you try MKM001 DL media, since it is higher quality than the Ritek DL.

That’s not true, original DL’r discs have a silver bottom, so they do exist!
I also thought they wouldn’t be available to buy, anyway, that’s what I needed to know. Thanks

Yes, it is true.
Notice the R bold faced in my quote.
R = Recordable.
All recordable DVD media currently uses purple/bluish dyes.

Video DL discs that you purchase retail are PRESSED DVD-ROM DL discs.
NOT recordable.

Oh, ok, then I guess your right!
But the problem is, PS2 only reads silver bottom dual layers… and, how do I then get those games on DVD?

Try the DL of Mithsubishi, it uses an AZO dye which increased readability in especially car players, back in the CD-R days!

I think the problem is NOT the layer (as identifying its color would require much expensive equipment… a laser is not sufficient), but the book type. Your PS2 probably detects it is a DVD+R DL (recordable) and because any +R or -R disk MUST be home made it doesn’t play it because it’s not “original” (it’s a copy).

You must have a DVDRW burner which supports bitsetting then. If you don’t know what bitsetting is, read here. Most up-to-date DVD burners automatically set DVD+R DL disks’ booktype to DVD-ROM, so if you had one of these you would have very little problems with your disks on the PS2. Among these bitsetting-compatible burners, there are the NEC ND-3500 and the Pioneer DVR-108 (my drive).

Since when did PS2s use dual layer media? If it has to be dual layer your problem is probably as stated above no bitsetting. PS2s need DVD-R disks or bitset DVD+R, and DVD+RDL to DVD-ROM.

I didnt check the booktype on the original DL disk, it might make a difference.
But about the dye colour, it does make a difference, at least… the manufacturer of the chips states it in the manual.
My DVD-RW drive automatticaly sets booktype’s to DVD-ROM, also on the DL discs the booktype is DVD-ROM, so that aint the problem.
And it is a exact copy of the original DL, only the dye colour is different.

edit: also, the game does work, it boots… but after the PlayStation 2 © screen the game itself doesn’t launch, that is because the game itself is on the 2nd layer, which the PS2 cant read because of the dye colour I guess.

I just found out where to get those DVD DL stuff that Sony uses :wink:

I found this nice thing, didnt know that DVD10 also existed.

• DVD 5 single sided, single layer (4.7 Gigabyte)

• DVD 9 single sided, double layer (8.5 Gigabyte)

• DVD 10 double sided, single layer (9.4 Gigabyte)

edit: also, the game does work, it boots… but after the PlayStation 2 © screen the game itself doesn’t launch

ever heard of copy protection?

Once again, those are PRESSED DVD-ROM discs created in a professional DVD mastering facility.
There is absolutely no way that they would press duplicates of copyrighted material for you.

What makes you think I want them to press a copy for me? :slight_smile: