Dvd -R DL ...should these not be used...?


I am looking into Dvd-r DL …have heard that these-r dl are not worth using for dvd movie back ups/or ps2 back ups because they don’t handle the layer breaks the same,
Is this true…?


There not so good on ps2 as you need to patch the image but they work good with movies although they are still very expencive
also my opinion is use good quality ones like verbatim

Verbatim of course.

So there are no problems with layer breaks.I have heard that the layer brak is fixed/not adjustable ie it writes entire layer 0 then the remainder on layer 1.

I also have the Matrix infinity in the ps2 with latest firmware for dvd9 support/it works fine with +r dl/ie no patching needed.
So would some kind of patch be needed for -r dl…?

Also, there is DL+R as well as DL-R. Writers such as the Pioneer 109 and 110 can burn both.

I have read on a few sites that DL-R is a lot less compatible than DL+R. This is due to DL+R most of the time gets burned as DVD ROM using Bitsetting. DL-R does not have this and so compatibility is a lot less.

I have the 109 and have used +r dl perfectly…the 109 automatically sets the booktype for +r discs to Rom…:slight_smile:

It seems hardly anyone has tried the -r dl yet?