DVD+R DL safe for archives?

well im wondering if its safe using verb dl discs for archival purposes. i know that these are the best dl discs, but im wondering about if the discs get scratched or something else goes wrong, then you might have trouble reading the 2nd layer and then not be able to recover the data.

i could always do what i do now and use TY discs but then i would have to split things over 2 discs sometimes. is it a small price to pay for reassurance of safe keeping? not to mention the price difference.

what are your thoughts? does anybody think about this like me? :confused:

Dual/Double Layer discs are harder to read than Single Layer discs, so it follows that damaging a DL disc so that it cannot be fully read is easier than damaging a Single Layer disc beyond readability.

Since the mechanical structure of a DL disc is more complicated than the structure of a Single Layer disc, it’s also possible that this could make it more susceptible to deterioration over time - but that’s mostly speculation on my part.

There are special “archival grade” Single Layer discs, but no special “archival grade” DL discs to my knowledge.

If you want the least risk of something bad happening to your archived data, I suggest you use Single Layer disc of high quality.

But it’s possible that DL discs may be “good enough” for your purpose.

thanks for your reply dragemester. you raise some good points.

i know there are many other people on here using dl discs, so are there any other opinions out there? i know that dl are convenient, but something about 2 layers makes me uncomfortable. maybe its just me. :confused:

I agree pretty much 100% with Dragemester!

It’s not just you, defier. I feel it’s safer to use SL over DL also. Even some of the most expensive verbatim archival gold DVD-Rs are still twice as cheap than Verb DL media is!