DVD+R DL reads as CD



Alright so I just bought some Verbatim DVD+R DL (8.5 GB) and want to copy a DVD. But my computer reads the DVD as a CD. And when I go to burn the DVD using Roxio CD and DVD creator 6 it says the media is incompatible. I have DVD-R (4.7) and they read and burn on my computer fine, I bought the “+R” because I need more space. I would really appreciate some telling me how I can get the +Rs to work, and I hope I didn’t just waste $50 on these DVDs. Thanks for the help.


Update your firmware. And get rid of Roxio and burn with ImgBurn (freeware).



[QUOTE=blutach;2147055]Update your firmware. And get rid of Roxio and burn with ImgBurn (freeware).


Agree get rid of Roxio. What do you mean read dvd like cd are you looking at it from explorer or another program?? I can put a DL media in my dvd burner and the icon comes up as a CD but thats all good and fine. It’s when it can’t burn to DL media is when you should find out why if it’s bad media or the program can’t recognize the drive or media. As for burning software Imgburn is a good free burner but it all depends on what your burning type that will determine the program you choose. But free is a good option to go with first if your not sure of paid version.