Dvd+r dl question

Hi, Im hoping for some help… I’ve been trying to use DVD decrypter to burn some backup copies of my dvds. It completes the process, I mean… it reads fine then it writes fine and i get the “Completed succesfully” message. but when i try to play it in my laptop or my dvd player, nothing happens. Well, in my dvd player, I’ll get the warnings and attention advisories, but no menu and no movies… Ive tried memorex dvd+r dl and then thought it might be the media, so i switched to ridata (same type). could it still be the discs?

How new are these movies? DVDDecrypter hasn’t been updated in quite a while now and development has stopped on the program. If you are using it for decryption and ripping as well as burning, then you probably aren’t removing all the encryption/intentional structural problems that are intended to prevent copying.

Try DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is the free section of DVDFab. As you use it, you will be using up the trial period of the main program, but the free decryption/ripping section will continue to work even after the trial. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm This program is still being updated and can rip in file or ISO format.

You should also change your burning program. ImgBurn is the updated burning engine from DVDDecrypter. It is free to download and use. You should also read the guides on how to burn video files or ISO’s to dual layer disks: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4

Finally we come to your choice of media. My advice is to stop using Memorex or Ridata dual layer dvds. The only dual layer disks good enough for us to recommend on a regular basis are Verbatim. Burn them at 4x.

Verbatims would be recommended especially for DL backups. One option would be to use DvdFab HD Decrypter, full rip (DvD9) to your hard drive & then burn with ImgBurn.




EDIT: or being as I am slow, what Kerry said.

Thanks for the advice. i just downloaded dvdfab and now have to restart my laptop. im gonna have to order some verbatims online… cant seem to find any near here. thank you for your help… i’ll let you know how it goes…

I don’t use a laptop but I thought there might be issues burning DL media on a laptop. Are there concerns or does it depend on the hardware?

it has a dvd rw dl drive, so im pretty sure im good. plus i can actually see the “warning” screens when i put the “successful” copy into my player… so i dunno…

I’ve been informed that there are a few good laptop drives…LG and Optiarc/NEC drives for the most part. Some Pioneers though they seem to be rare.