DVD+R DL Prices vs. DVD Movie Prices



I don’t know if anybody has been noticing this, but it seems that Dl prices have been fairly constant at About $7 a disc for sometime. Meanwhile , I have noticed that New release movies are dropping rapidly in price, in as little as a monthe the price for “The Incredibles” dropped to $13. I have noticed that movies barely 6 months out of the theater are available for $8 to $10.

Why go to all the hassle of “backing” up a movie without quality loss for $7 when you can get the original for $1 to $2 more.

Is this just a quirk in the marketplace which will drive people to buy more prepackaged DVD movies or is there cause to be paranoid?


I kinda see what you’re getting at. :wink: This is not really an answer, but the fact that rental places like Blockbuster sell their excess “previewed” movies certainly applies downward price pressure. Also, once the demand slackens on a popular movie, there’s need to lower inventory. And who knows, maybe the industry realizes lower prices = higher sales and less motive for piracy. Dunno, but I still like to backup my DVDs, for two reasons:

  1. Preserve the original, of course
  2. Strip out crapola and PUOs. :wink:

The price of Dual Layer media doesn’t bear any relation to this that I can see. Prices will drop as initial investment is amortised, assuming the demand is sufficient.


Walmart has a wide selection of movies for $4.88 and $5.50. Too risky to burn DL discs because a coaster is OUCH!! And if you buy Ritek DL discs, the success rate is around 50%, OUCH!!


Even if you can buy DVD+R DL 8x made by Mitsubishi for US$3, it still means 8.5TB for 3,000 USDs and you can probably burn 1,000 movies of average 7-8GB. Get 30 250GB HDDs instead and you don’t have to burn at all. :slight_smile:

Blank DL DVD media cost more than SATA II HDDs!


I don’t know where you shop but in the USA we have seen the price drop on D/L, infact at times $5 each on sale.


That means you have to spend at least US$5,000 for 1,000 DL movies and you also need burners/recorders. With that money, you can have 5 8-unit IEEE 1394 cases (including power supplies) and 40 250GB HDDs (total 10TB.) Still under 100kg so you can probably mount them to the wall right under a 2-meter projector screen. Great home theater.


I guess that would be true if I bought any. :bigsmile: Which I haven’t I still find them to be to much.

I like the idea of a home theater but the problems comes in when I want go to a friends house cause they have a bigger TV. :eek:


You have to admit that although the hard disk solution might be cost effective, dual-layer DVD+Rs are a lot easier to take to a friend’s place. :slight_smile:


Prices are dropping slowly and we’re starting to see more obscure branded DL media. :slight_smile: