DVD+R/DL Playback



Hello folks…

I have a NEC2510A using HERRIES 1.08v3-2 Firmware, BITSETTING to DVD-ROM

I have burned too many DVDs to mention on single layer blanks of all brands, but I finally just today attempted my first dual layer burns…Everything seemed to burn fine, and I scanned both DLs i burned and there are no errors, but the finished DVDs are not as PLAYABLE as I would have thought.

I used DECRYPTER to make the images and used the latest NERO BURNING ROM to burn them, and on 2 of my players they just get ejected (those are older Pioneer DV-C503 5 disc units) Now, I can get them to play on my PHILLIPS DVP-642, but it’s kind of “HIT and MISS”, meaning I can put them in and about half the time they will play on right off, and the other half they will not load, and get ejected. Meanwhile, they seem to play right off with no problems on an older MAGNAVOX unit I don’t even use any more…

The media is that RIDATA 2.4X coded RICHOJPN, and I am wondering if that might be why these are acting funky…

Anyway, any insight or suggestions in the way I am ripping or burning would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,


Don’t use Nero to burn. If you are using DVD Decrypter, just use ISO read mode to create a ISO image and then use ISO write mode to create the DVD.

Select the small MDS file in write mode as that contains the layer change information.

I had Nero burned discs not load in a Liteon 5045 DVD recorder. All discs done with just DVD Decrypter work ok.


OK, so is DECRYPTER the WAY to go when going with a DUAL LAYER COPY, or is there a better program out there for use when doing dual layer DVDs?

Thanks again!


dvddecrypter is best for burning dvd-video (single or dual layer disk)


I just burned “Sin City” onto a DL blank using my NEC 3540 using this exact method. The finished disc plays perfectly on my Sony DVP-NS 775 standalone player…


Dvd Decrypter is still the only application that ensures that you get the layer break in the correct position. :slight_smile:


Hey I was just wandering What the Step by Step instructions are when backing up a DVD Movie using Decrypter. I am using Verbatim +R Dl discs I just dont Understand the program can someone please explain thanks…


Simply start the program with the dvd to be copied in your drive and from the menu select Mode => ISO => Read R to make the image. Once that’s done, burn the image from the .mds file to a blank dual dvd by selecting Mode => ISO => Write W.

That’s all there is to it.


Man oh Man. I use dvd decrypter and everyhting on the movie plays well with the DL Memorex cd’s but half way thru the movie it starts skipping anybody else experience this problem or what am i doing wrong


Using Memorex dl dvds. In the experience of most people the only reliable dl media is Verbatim.


In using ISO mode, there’s no problem in removing the VOB and IFO PUOs is there?

I mean…as it relates to the layer break that is.

What is IFO structure protection?


PUO’s are nothing to do with the laye change. Probibited User Operations are restrictions. IFO ones do stuff like stop the user from skipping trailers and copyright messages. VOB ones stop the user from changing subtitle and audio streams while watching the film.

I always take out the IFO PUO’s. It a bit more risky to to take out VOB PUO’s.

IFO Structure protection is protection such as ArcoSS (Sony DVD’s) and Puppetlock.

Using Memorex dl dvds. In the experience of most people the only reliable dl media is Verbatim.

I use Datsafe DL media (made by Ritek). They are half the price of Verbatim and work wonderfully on all my players. I burn them on a Pioneer 109.


I Dont Understand. I Want to be able to back up a full DVD Using DVD DEcrypter can anyone tell me how to. I dont understand IFO and POU stuff. Can u please explain and Like i Said The movies play fine until a certain point in the movie. Then it goes for a shit it wont rewind fast forward or nothing. So What am i Doing wrong. Is it the layer Change How can I fix this?? Please someone tell me step by step how to back up a full DVD. Thanks


Yeah, you wait 'til a year down the line and you want to play your DVD then.


and they will work fine. They are perfectly good discs.