DVD+R DL playback problems

Hello everybody,
it’s quite some time I’m trying to backup DVDs onto +R DL discs but so far I never succeeded. The best result achieved was yesterday when I burned one disc that actually is recognized to be a DVD Video on all units I tried. But lately I discovered that when second layer has to be played all players except a Philips DVD957 hanged up and stopped reproduction.
Hereafter my environment :
PC burner LiteOn 1633 (patched)
DVD Shrink 3.2
Nero (booktype settings capability)
Discs Traxdata (Ritek)
where I tested the disc
DVD recorder Philips DVDR890 (FF12x)
DVD recorder Philips LX9000R
DVD player Philips DVD957
Laptop Compaq EvoN620c

I read about CopytoDVD to perform better than Nero, but before burning aniother disc I’d like to read some more opinions

Thank you

Hm, well… I don’t know why you’d use DVD Shrink at all, you’re not shrinking anything…

Best bet would probably be to download DVD Decrypter, read the disc you want to copy into an ISO, then write the ISO back to the +R DL disc with DVD Decrypter as well. Then let us know if there are problems. (It could also be the Ritek DL… I don’t think that performs incredibly well)

Do you’ve tried to set the booktype to Dvd-rom?
And instead of Ritek DL media, i would purchase some Verbatim DL!

I agree with both the above posts.
I have an 812s@832s and did my 1st ever DL burn the other day.
I used a Mitsubishi DL (same as Verbatim) disc and did dscrypter iso read>iso write and it turned out fantastic.

Stay away from using shrink for DL discs. Its not neccesary and does not do DL as good as decrypter.
If youre going to spend the money on DL media- dont buy the cheap stuff.

Thank friends for helping.
I tried DVDdecrypter too and CopytoDVD to burn a second disc but that is also not working properly, showing progresses on DVDR unit but letting DVD957 player crazy (open closing tray continously).
I also think Traxdata (Ritek) discs are not reliable, I’ll try a Verbatim one next; I wonder if anybody is available to send a well-burned DVD as sample to try my playback facilities (not for free of course).

Thanks again