DVD+R DL Playback problems



I burned a backup of Hero to a RiData DVD+R DL disc, using a Pioneer DVR-109. It plays back fine on my computer and another with a Plextor drive, but it wouldn’t play back on my player. The disc and menu loads, but when I play the movie, it jumps to the end credits, then back to the menu. :sad:

I know the Pioneer isn’t supposed to be able to do bitsetting, but Nero and DVDdecrypter report the disc as being booktype DVD-ROM, so I assume that’s fine.
I have the Panasonic DVD-F65. it plays -R, +R, and +RW just fine. I updated my firmware to the 1.50e before burning. I used DVDdecrypter to extract all the files, then used Nero to burn. Not in a hurry to make $5 coasters, am I doin anything wrong??

Current Profile: DVD+R DL

Disc info:
Physical Format Information (ADIP):
Disc ID: RITEK-D01-01
Book Type: DVD+R DL
Part Version: 1
Disc Size: 120mm
Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified
Number of Layers: 2
Track Path: Opposite Track Path (OTP)
Linear Density: 0.293 um/bit
Track Density: 0.74 um/track
First Physical Sector of Data Area: 196,608
Last Physical Sector of Data Area: 16,580,607
Last Physical Sector in Layer 0: 2,283,519


Maybe your player don’t likes the Ridiscs DL, i would try a Verbatim DL, personally for me
at the moment one of the best DL media!


Doh… Hope not. Just bought 10 DL Ritek! Their DVD+R’s have been excellent for me.
Tried a second disc with Nero, different movie. Menu loads but that’s about it.


Well buy one Verbatim to test it. If it works you know your player doesn’t like Ridisc and you can use them for back ups. If not contact your players maker and see if they can suggest something, software or disc wise. It can’t hurt, I have done it a couple of times and got some help from them.


Yeah, guess I’ll have to break down and buy one separate… Using Nero shouldn’t be my problem, should it?


Use Verbatim!


Sure way to find out: Use DVDDecrypter only. ISO Read -> ISO Write. Should be okay to remove PUOs if you wish. :wink:


Quick update… I brought a DL disc into the store, and tried out a few. Don’t remember all the model #'s, but it worked fine on a Toshiba DVD-changer, and an Onkyo DV-SP302. It almost worked on a Sony, but it had issues at times with the menus and chapter skips. Didn’t work at all on a Denon, and forgot exactly what else I tried.

I picked up the Onkyo, which plays -R, +R, +RW, and +R DL, but had a problem with a disc with a label on it. :Z

Gotta try more discs with labels on em.


First, go buy yourself a cheap apex dvd player. My dad’s plays everything I burn, even on cheapo media, and 1/2 the stuff that won’t play on my onkyo or my panasonic, always plays on my dads apex. It will be my next dvd player. Second, do not use labels. Do a search through the forums here, and you will find that at least 90% of the folks highly discourage using labels. If you want fancy labels, pick up an EPSON R200 or R300 printer, buy inkjet printable media, and print whatever you want, directly to the media. It’s inexpensive, and it’s perminent. Use CDCHECK or DVDCRYPTER to verify that your dvd shows it’s booktyped to dvd-rom. It should show you original disk label, and booktype label.


Bad thing is I’m getting used to the audio quality of the Onkyo - I have a pretty good stereo system, and it’s easy to hear the difference with at least the bass. My sub sounds much clearer, better than the Panasonic F65.

I stopped putting labels on discs a long time ago. Picked them up before I learned that they can cause playback problems, but my only problems have been with the laptop until now. A number of computer drives and my player had no problems.