Dvd+r Dl Or Dvd-r Dl



Does Home DVD unit’s support the -R format more than +R Format?

Does Home DVD Unit’s will support DVD+R DL / DVD-R DL Which one is the best?

Thank you all.


Hi and welcome here @ CDF,

most new home DVD player are able to play +R and -R and most players are also capable to handle DVD+R DL when the booktype is changed to DVD-ROM.

The DVD-R DL format is comming but there are only a few burners available that can handle tis format, i can’t tell you nothing about the compatibility to stanalone player.

You can’t say which format is the best, but +R has advantages because of the fact that you can change the booktype to DVD-ROM which is necessary when you have an older DVD - player that is not able to play +/-R.

When the burner is able to change the booktype then I would prefer +R.

DVD+R DL has the advantage that you can store up to 8.5GB on the disk, good when you want to backup movies without a loss of quality incl. all extras. But the medias are expensive.


first of all thank’s your answer is really helped me.

so let me get it right if i burn on +r dl with this dvd-rom booktype
most of the dvd players will play it and should play it?

btw i have TEAC Double Layer Dual Format Drive:
X16 +R
X8 -R
X4 ±RW
X2.4 +R DL

What do you say about it?


what model exact model?


Teac Dv-w516gk


its an OEM Lite-ON SOHW 1633S, so it’s a good burner i think.


How exactly do i burn DVD’s with this DVD-ROM Booktype?

I’m Using Nero Burning Rom Enterprise edition


I´m not very familar with Lite-ON drives i think it’s best to search or ask in the Lite-ON forum.