DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL help

Hi all

I purchased a 5 pack of Verbatim DVD-R DL, to use as both Data and DVD home movies… BUT…

I’m burning them using a external toshiba DVD writer (reads DVD±DL) via IEE1394…

Now both the recorded data and DVD home movie work flawlessy on the External Toshiba DVD…But

The recorded DVD DL movies don’t work in my laptop, or 2 desktops…but on my 2 home dvd drives it won’t play on one, but on the other the movie plays for 30 mins then starts skipping.

The Data discs wont read on any PC or Laptop apart from using the external toshiba dvd drive

Whats going on :sad:

I’m using Nero 7…but someone suggested using +R DL as you can bitset with them for more compatability… and use Imgburn as that sets the layers better :eek: LOL

Whats all that mean (being a newbie) i use to think -R DL werw more compatable


DVD+R Double Layer is far more compatible with DVD Players and older DVD drives than DVD-R Dual Layer (unlike for Single Layer DVDs).

DVD+R DL can be bitset, so it looks like a normal DVD-ROM (double-layered) for the dumb devices. :slight_smile:
DVD-R DL is newer than DVD+R DL, but technically it cannot be bitset so it looks like a DVD-R (SINGLE LAYER) for the dumb devices (=> freeze at layer break possible).
I would recommend Verbatim DVD+R DL, bitset to DVD-ROM. Those are (IMO) the best DVD+R DL :slight_smile:

With Single Layer it’s an entirely different thing though, just like [B]Drage [/B]said.