DVD+R DL not playing in standalone (not recognized)



What’s up guys? Real novice and first time poster here. I have read through many posts trying to correct the issue I have been having, but still no luck.

I have tried to back up movies on DVD+R DL’s for the first time and failed miserable. I am attempting to use DVD Shrink and Nero 7 Demo to burn on my Philips DVD8601. The burn is completing successfully, however, once it is complete, it is not recognized in any standalone players nor the computer from which it was burner. Again, no errors in the burn process. Discs are Memorex DVD+R DL (2.4X).

After reading the forum, I went in and ensured that in Nero a DVD+R DL had a book-type value of “DVD-ROM.” In addition, it appears that DVD Shrink checks this automatically.

I have burned hundreds of DVD+R, but I am blowing through a pack of +R DL’s with zero success.

What else can I try? What other settings could I be missing?

I really appreciate the help.



i’m not familiar with those programs.i’m using dvd fab3 and sofar burn all my dvd9’s with no problem,and do not use memorex!


I have been reading alot, and it seems that Verbatim is the ONLY way to go. Can it be that simple? I have always had such good luck with the Memorex DVD+R, but I guess there is a big difference when it comes to the DL’s.


the first dl’s i bouth was memorex and it cost me 17$ for 3pack!But when i ran them on dvd identifier it comes up as 3rd class media,verbatim is 1st class,sinse then i use only verb’s,so it’s up to you.


For the sole purpose of burning or copying DL disc I would use DVD Decrypter which is one of the best for this use.


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just like hawaiianhaole, i’m a first time poster here. i’m experiencing a similar problem: when backing up a dvd movie on my laptop, dvd shrink and nero perform allright, but when trying to play the result (on philips dvd-r double layer), it only plays on our computers (lap- and desktop), and only on some stand alone dvd players. could it be these double layers are only accepted by some newer models?
furthermore, my desktop nec nd3500ag dvd burner (double layer mind you!) does not burn any sony or philips dvd-r double layers; i checked at www.dvdhs.com, but only got “this page cannot be displayed” when looking for information from the manufacturer. anyway, i suppose this matter has to be taken up on another forum. perhaps all this is just a matter of new standards? the search goes on…



You have had even better luck than I have had. My discs burned “successfully” but couldn’t even be recognized in the same drive from which it was burned (let alone the standalone). I took the discs back and went with more DVD+R, where I am more familiar.



Hey, IMO use verbatim DL to burn , and use IMGBurn not shrink or nero…
IMG and verbs haven’t let me down yet!!! :slight_smile:
BTW, I have NERO and shrink ,soo not bashing either one…


From reading this i could be way of but maybe your dvd player isn’t able to read dvd dl media? i have heard of this happening… to where it will work in some players and not in others. that is why i am shying away from dl burning for now… i am a semi newbie but that is what i am thinking the deal is hawaii and captain grey


Verbatim is the only one to use for DL media and no other because they can be hit and miss. Booktyping ( Bitsetting) your DvD+R DL to DvD-Rom is strongly advised in order to set the best conditions for compatibly with standalone DvD players. Nero will not handle DL burning properly and is not recommended for this use. DvD Shrink does not burn on it’s own and is dependant on using Nero’s or DvD Decrypter’s burning engines. If you are just burning to DL then use of DvD Decrypter or Imgburn is recommended. Yes there are also others that can be used.

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Verbatim is the only way to go. Have been using that Media for years with perfect results.
With D/L copying you must first use DVD Decrypter followed by DVD Shrink.
I use Nero Burning Rom SE6.