DVD+R DL not bitset to DVD-ROM

I have a 3500A with Liggy and Dee’s V2 beta1 firmware. I have all formats bitset to DVD-ROM. I just burned a Verbatim +R DL disk, and it wouldn’t play in my set top box or my Xbox. I checked the booktype with DVDIdentifier and Nero Infotool, both are reporting the booktype as +R DL and not DVD-ROM. WTF Gives? Before I burnt I doublechecked the booktype settings, everything was reporting set to -ROM. I just checked again, still set to -ROM. Anyone have any ideas? :a:(

I should have specified I burned an ISO image with DVD Decrypter’s ISO Write mode. Burning SL disks sets the booktype to -ROM every time.

No one has any ideas?

Check Dee’s FAQs in the Liggy & Dee V2 firmware thread; it says something about this

DVD Decrypter doesn’t have a bitsetting option anywhere.

DVD Decrypter has bitsetting option, but not for NEC…

The DVD+R DL option in the RICOH tab is actually for the NEC drives.

That was the only bitsetting bit available at the time of writing, and all the old 2500 patched firmwares used RICOH command, hence my reason for putting it in there.

The version I’ll release in a few days time has a proper NEC tab that does +R, +RW and +R DL (where supported obviously!)

Good!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks very much Lightning. That clears up a lot. I look forward to your next release. Enjoy your holiday.