DVD+R DL movie backup

I have been trying to backup a few of my movies and i desided to get a dual layer burner (LG) to preserve quality. I use dvd shrink and imgBurn. I have had a few problems (the first disk did not play in my dvd player, the second copy did). I am using Sony disks. Is there something special i should know about dual layers that i am not doing right? Is there a program that will let me do a 1 to 1 copy. I do have two dvd drives.

WC go2go2,try DVDFab HD Decrypter> IMGburn to Verbatim DL media…or DVDFAB Platinum 30 day free trial… :slight_smile:

Make sure you have the latest DL firmware for your drive as well. Also if you want more another program get the trial downloads from slysoft- Anydvd to decrypt or rip to HDD and then get clonecd to make a 1:1 copy like the original media or if you want to get clonedvd that can do a 1:1 and compress from dvd+9 to dvd+5 if you choose to do so. You have to remember the movies have a protection that unless you decrypt it you won’t be able to backup or copy them. Also make sure your drive is bootyping to -ROM when you dvd+r dl media.

As t0nee1 is pointing out.

First, use quality media for DL Burning. - Verbatim

Second make sure that you are using something to remove the copy protection and rip to the hard drive first. ( IE AnyDvD, etc )

Third use something like VLC player to check your image.

Fourth use Imgburn to burn the image to disk, since you have an LG you can use the booktype option found in Imgburn and change the booktype DVD+R DL to DvD-Rom to make it more compatible with your home DvD player.

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ISO rip with RipIt4Me, creates two files, ISO & MDS, burn the MDS file with ImgBurn in ISO Write mode, following the advice above regarding booktype & Verbatim Dvd+R DL media, made in Singapore.

Thanks guys for all the help. I did try riping and burning an iso with imgBurn, it played on the dvd player but it was very glichy, very very glichy.

I downloaded the anyDVD trial and cloneDVD2, half way through the burning process an error mesage poped up, “writeDVD 10 11 w2”, not sure what it means but i did read a Thread about someone else having the error, bad disk i guess.

Nero came with the drive i bought so i tried using it with anyDVD and i have had no problems yet. I just say to copy the DVD with anyDVD in the background and it worked.

CloneDVD would probeby have worked as well if i had not had that bad disk, because i am not using Verbatim (aparently a great disk brand) that may have been the problem all along. I have a few DVD+R DL costers, not too happy about that.

I will defenetly buy Verbatim next time, I thought Sony disks would be good…

Thanks again for your posts, they helped a lot.

With AnyDVD running I’d create an ISO image with DVD Decrypter - can still be found - and then burn that image with ImgBurn onto Verbatim DVD+R DL media. This approach guarantees preservation of the layer break.

I’d not use Nero for this or CloneDVD2.