DVD+R DL method without DVD Decrypter



Ok, so here’s the situation.

I used AnyDVD to rip a movie. I could just go back and rip with DVD Decrypter, but I didn’t. Academically, I want to figure this out… what’s the best way to get it onto a DVD+R DL without gooning the layer break. Is the layer break just GONE if I use AnyDVD and drag-n-drop the files? Or is it still in there somewhere?

What do you all think? If it were a single-layer disc, I’d just right-click the VIDEO_TS folder and use CopyToDVD. Does CopyToDVD get the layer break right on dual-layer discs?

The only method I’ve ever used for Dual Layer is DVD Decrypter Mode->ISO->Read, Mode->ISO->Write, and that has worked fine. I just want to try it this other way, for academic purposes. Ideas?


I’d be tempted to try DVDDecrypter (Settings -> ISO Write Mode -> Options -> Layer Break (for DL Media) -> Calculate Optimal).

Or the PGCEdit method, if you don’t want to experiment. http://www.videohelp.com/~r0lZ/pgcedit/third_party/blutach/dl_burning_with_pgcedit.htm

Or the latest RecordNow (7.3?), burning as data, supposedly that works. :wink:


DVDDecrypter uses the Sector address delivered by the drive to find the layer break. You could use DVDDecrypter together with AnyDVD.
If you drag’n’ drop the files to harddisk, there is no way DVDDecrypter could recover the layer break.

Nope. I don’t think so. You could try CloneDVD, but not “write existing data”. You must process it with the normal copy function, otherwise CloneDVD will not set a new layer break position.
The original layer break position will not be recovered by CloneDVD.

You can wait for a “AnyDVDDecrypter” product from SlySoft… :slight_smile:
What I mean - there really is no good alternative to DVDDecrypter for 1:1 copies of DL disks. Maybe CloneCD? I haven’t used it for DL copies yet.


Well as I said, it’s not a problem for me to just re-rip the disc with DVD Decrypter. I had originally intended to make a DVD+R (4.5GB) backup of a couple of new movies (Sahara and Ong Bak), but both of them have substantial extras that I’d like to hang onto, as well as movies in the 7GB range. This of course is beyond the capabilities of even DVD Rebuilder.

So I could just re-rip with DVD Decrypter (using Elby CDIO) and then burn with it. I was just potentially willing to throw away a DVD+R/DL or two to experiment this other way, if anyone thought it might work out. :wink:


Hmmm. I thought that once you had the VOB files off the disc and onto your hard drive then any of the various DVD burning programs could burn those files to a DL DVD. Won’t all the burning programs just set their own layer break position? Or do I just have this wrong?

Sorry to seem so ignorant here. I just got my first DL burner a couple of weeks ago. And so far, I have only used DVDDecrypter in iso mode to make copies. And it works like a charm. :wink:


Most of the burning programs goon the layer break on DL discs. You’d think they would have fixed it by now, but no. :frowning:


So…could ya maybe give me a shortlist of which programs get it right? :confused:



dvd decrypter and imgburn (which are essentially the same program)

that’s the longest list you’re going to get since they’re the only ones that seem to do it right every time.

iso read then iso write mode should get you a decent DL burn.


The first DL burn I did was with Nero. I ripped with DVD Decrypter in file mode and burned Nero. If nothing is changed then the layer change should be the same as the original.

There is also Pgcedit. Rip in file mode and import Pgcedit. The program will set the layer change for you (or specify a new position) and let it create a ISO and burn with Imgburn.


Wrong. If you rip in file mode, the layer break will NOT be preserved, and Nero won’t put it back on properly. This is a recipe for a disc that locks up halfway through the movie.


Err. Not wrong. The laye change is in the same place. I used PGcedit to see where the layer change is on the original and the backup. The DVD was House of Flying Daggers and the layer change pause is in the same place on the backup and original.

I have done several others before using DVDD and all have the layer change in the same place as the original.

If you start changing things and removing bits. Then the layer change is likely not to be preserved.


Clarification please, from someone else? I’m under the impression that only Mode->ISO READ preserves the layer break, not File mode.


“Clarification please, from someone else? I’m under the impression that only Mode->ISO READ preserves the layer break, not File mode.”

I have made this mistake file mode Nero. The layer break still seems to be in the same place on mine. The explanation I have come up with is Nero puts a wrong flag on the dvd about the layer break and it jams.
Iso read is just that, a exact image of the original the best way I have found.
There are bad store bought disc’s. Last one I saw was Valiant, it was in the coming attractions vts 07. locked up in 2 out of 3 players. It was so small I did in file mode. I wonder what would happen in ISO read, would the original mastering error be there two? Should of tried that before exchanging the disc.
I use Plextools drive settings check next to change dvd+rdl to dvd-rom, and just ISO write in D.
They are perfect I’m 100% this way.
So yes I agree with Grum.


ok if iso read is the olny mode that will preserve the layer break in dvdd what happens when you have to use a program like dvdfabd to make an image because of sony’s accros protection? (stealth)? if i burn with dvdd after using dvdfabd to make the image will the layer break be preserved?


I’m not sure if DVD Fab Decrypter has an ISO mode or not.

For those discs, I use AnyDVD with DVD Decrypter. I set DVD Decrypter to use ElbyCDIO, to ignore structure protection, and then rip with it as usual. :wink:


yes dvdfab platinum does have an iso mode. in fact its the only program i found besides dvdd that has an iso mode. funny part is i tried anydvd with dvdd and it still had errors with the accros protection. maybe i was using an older version. what is ElbyCDIO? im interested in finding a method that wont involve me switching software. i love dvdd!


Well, you’re not the only one. Take a look at this oher thread. ElbyCDIO is the dll used by AnyDVD to access devices. DVD Decrypter will use it if you go under Tools -> Settings… -> I/O and select ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes. :slight_smile:




thanks eltranquil, my original settings were SPTI - Microsoft. so i switched (although i still dont really know what the difference is). also following olli’s suggestions he mentions to disable the structural protection removal in DVDDecrypter. i want to make sure i get this right because theres two areas where it mentions structural protection.

  1. tools / settings / file mode / remove IFO structure protection

  2. tools / settings / IFO mode / remove structure protection

do i have to uncheck both of these boxes to be successfull?

also i read this quote reguarding plugins
Originally Posted by nwg
DVD Dcerypter can be still be used. All that is required is Pgcedit and its Arcoss plugin. This will make DVD Decrypter do Arcoss protected discs now and in the future.

where can i access this Pgcedit and the appropriate Arcoss plugin?
thanks for all your help bro.


Remove any reference to structure protection in IFO mode, File Mode and ISO mode, and most of all untick “Check for structure protection” in the “General” tab.

do i have to uncheck both of these boxes to be successfull?

Well, in the other thread I was saying that I am not able to rip correctly some newer titles (like Closer (Italian R2)) in ISO mode, even with latest AnyDVD running, ElbyCDIO selected, all DVDD structure protection removals disabled. It is weird since i.e. drag-and-drop of the VIDEO_TS folder to the harddrive works. :sad:

where can i access this Pgcedit and the appropriate Arcoss plugin?
thanks for all your help bro.

PGCEdit homepage is here, while the link to the PSL2 plugin is contained into the wonderful User Guide to PSL2 plugin by Cynthia (at the end of the 1st post). :slight_smile:

Regards, :slight_smile:



great info ET. even if i decide to use dvdfab paltinum (because its a one step process) this is great info to really learn how a dvd works, and how sneaky sony really is compared to all other studios.