DVD+R DL Memorex error

I curenntly bought SONY DRU-810A last month, and my first choice of DVD media was DVD+R DL Verbatim using AnyDVD/CloneDVD to burn movies. I must say movie playback ran smooth (PC/DVDplayers) but there came a time when i was down to couple left so went ahead and bought me some Memorex they couldn’t even be read to begin with and itll only play on my PC. any1 have simliar problem. jesus 45 bones down the drain its 25 cake pack.

Definetely you should stay with Verbatim DL media, the best at the moment. Memorex isn’t very good.

Another vote here for Verbatim DL media. Also avoid Fuji DL.

I think everyone around here will ALWAYS recommend Verbatim DVD+R DLs. I hate to say this, but just eat the loss and remember to never buy Memorex again. Complaining to Memorex won’t help. All they will do, if anything, is send you a replacement spindle.

Stores are now carrying Verbatim DLs in 20-packs. In fact, Best Buy had them on sale last week for only $40. That’s a great deal on DL discs.

I was wondering about those Memorex DL’s saw they had just put them on the Meritline site and saw them in store at Best Buy. I know they’re usually junk just hadn’t seen any media scans or tests on them yet.

Memorex D/L are usually Ritek and there are PLENTY of tests done and virtually all agree. . .DON’T USE IT!!! Do you happen to have a blank that you can pop in and get the manufacturer ID info for us? As mentioned above, Verbatim can be had in 10 packs or 20 packs for about $2USD per disc at recurring sales in stores. So about the same price as you paid for the Memorex.