Dvd+r Dl Media

Can anyone tell me whats the best DL media to use and where maybe to purchase it from a online source.


Verbatim; are you in the US or elsewhere.

Middle East

Also it depends on your hardware setup and what kinda burner model and firmware you have as well. So it’s not just the media but hardware that should matter more because without it there is no burn. I have lite model and they worked well for me and I use memorex dvd+r dl media and has worked well for me…but I do keep the burns at 2x not at max speed unless you want to create alot of coasters…Also burning should take into account the type of burning software you use…so comes down to

Burner and latest firmware.
No Multitasking when burning and slow the burn speed down.
Media type depending avaliablity in your region.