DVD+R DL media on the Panasonic DRM-ES15

Is it everyone’s experience that DVD+R DL media does not last as long as advertised on the Panasonic recorders? I have a Panasonic DMR-ES15 and am using Memorex-branded DVD+R DL media. At XP speed, I can only record 55 or 56 minutes on each layer – rather than the advertised 60 minutes. (At SP and higher, I can record the expected multiple of 55 or 56 minutes.) Is this the case for all DVD+R DL media on this recorder, or is it just the Memorex-branded DL media?

I don’t have this problem with single-layer media; all disks I’ve tried last the full 60 minutes.

Thanks very much.

Double/Dual Layer media cannot contain twice the amount of video that you can fit on Single Layer media.

SL media is 4.7 GB (G=1000^3) and DL media is 8.5 GB.

Regardless of the DL media used, you won’t be able to fit twice the amount of video at the same quality compared to SL media. You numbers for XP quality look about right.

OK, that makes sense. Thank you for the answer.

It’s too bad, though: for the price that dual-layer media costs, one would figure that the specification would have provided for double the storage capacity.

You also want to get some Verbatim DL media and stick with that. Memorex is pretty low quality DL media.

Thanks, CDan. Do you know where I can find the Verbatim DL media at a good price?

Be careful when you choose Verbatim-branded DVD+R DL media. The one that you have to get would be the one that has only a 2.4x speed rating. Verbatim also has 8x-speed DVD+R DL media which won’t record properly on the Panasonic DMR-ES15 due to firmware limitations.

Got it. Thanks for the warning.