DVD+R DL media code database

Hi guys!

I will ask you a little favour. Please post here DVD+R dual layer media brands and the respective media code.

The reason I am doing this is because Dual Layer media is too expensive right now. So it´s a very bad investment and disapointment buying media for 5 or 6 euros that ends on the garbage!

So far I found only dual layer media with Ritek and MKM codes. From the four Ritek discs I bought, three failed. So it´s 25% success with Ritek discs based on my experience! The two MKM discs I burned were fine. 100% success with MKM discs!

I am buying all new brands of dual layer media I find. To see if I find new codes to try them out. For obvious reasons I don´t want more Ritek discs! So I ask your cooperation.

Maybe this list will help someone else, who also doesn´t want Ritek DVD+R DL discs.

This is based on my experience:

Ridisc -> Ritek D01
HighSpace -> Ritek D01
Verbatim -> MKM 001


Hope this is pertinent. I haven’t any of these discs, but these are available on the site I use to buy discs

DVD+R DL 8,5 GB Datasafe 2,4x —> RITEK D01
DVD+R DL 8,5 GB Verbatim 2,4x —> MKM 001
DVD+R DL 8,5 GB Datawrite 2,4x Printable —> CMC MAG D01
DVD+R DL 8,5 GB Platinum 2,4x —> RITEK D01
DVD+R DL 8,5 GB Traxdata 2,4x —> RITEK D01

The only code other than KMK and ritek is CMC MAG

Eh you are forgetting Ricohjpn D00 (found in TDK,RICOH,FUJI)
PHILIPS CD2 (found in Memorex and PHILIPS)
and the MID’s of
Infomedia (found in infomedia and Digitank)
Prodisc (some smaller b-brands and a really small test batch of FUJI.)
Hmm if I have time then I will copy paste the excel list that is on the other computer hd. (It should cover allmost the complete european market)

That would be nice.


http://homepage2.nifty.com/yss/dvd/prdl/prdl.htm (Japanese market)

Maxell D/L DVD+R is also Ricoh.

I bought two TDK with RICOHJPN D00 codes, today. Burned one on the NEC ND-3540A and the other on the Lite-ON SOHW-832S. Both wasted!

The Ricoh D00 burns excellent in my LG, never tried it on NEC. 2.4x only though.

Hmm I’m quite screwed my other pc is in serious problems windows doesn’t start any more and it seems I can’t fix it luckilly I can back-up all my data with a KNOPPIX 3.9 disc so all data can be retrieved. However it will take me some days. In the mean time let me post some stuff out of my head.

MAM-E Dual Layer +R ->RITEK D01
SAMSUNG dual layer +R -> RITEK D01
EMTEC Dual Layer +R -> RITEK D01
Nashua Dual Layer +R -> RITEK D01

Ouch! Sorry about the PC, glad you could recover the data!

From the USA
TDK / Fujifilm / Maxell = RICOHJPND00
Maxell also used to have some = MKM001 ( but you probably won’t find this )
Memorex = RITEKD01 / small amount of PHILIPCD2
Dynex = MKM001 / RITEKD01
Verbatim = MKM001

Hmm well I allmost retrieved all data only point is that I now allmost run out of TY media. Hmm . On Topic.
Maxell Japan -> MKM
Maxell USA -> MKM but there’s a option it might change to RICOH
Maxell Europe -> RICOH.
TUFFDISC -> RITEK D01 (at least for now with E-net you never know)

My experience with Ritek and Ricoh DL media is a disaster. The two TDK Ricoh coded discs costed 8.8 euro each. Both wasted! I don´t know if I have the right to a refund. 17.6 euro that could be better spended!

I won´t buy Ritek and Ricoh 2.4x DL media ever again. I will buy them if they release updated versions of the media, but just to try. I will buy only Verbatim MKM media now on.