DVD+/-R DL media availability

I’ve been patiently waiting for one of the major media mfgrs to come to (the U.S. or Canadian) market(s) with large® spindles of blank media … to date, I’ve only seen 10-disc spindles of Verbatim ($[55.95-]62.95USD at Best Buy) and 25-disc spindles of RiDATA ($119.99USD [109.99USD as part of a combo purchase] at NewEgg) Double Layer media.
Even though DL DVD burners have been marketed for some time now, the media prices continue to be exhorbitantly high … any thoughts?
Or, can anyone suggest a different game plan for someone who has filled all available HDD storage with images - short of going out and buying more HDDs?

i like the smaller spindles, means better quality control in theory

i dont and wouldnt buy dl in 50+ or higher spindles, thats a lot to spend unless u use only DL which i dont know who does, most arnt rich like that

DL DVD will never be a cost-effective solution for data storage. Buy a hard drive.

rdgrimes … I’m curious why you don’t think DL media prices will eventually fall the way all other media formats have. Is there some kind of external pressure to keep supply low and/or prices high? Or is it just a lack of substantive demand?
Plus, I was hoping to get some leads on media availability other than what I mentioned.

Because Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are coming out soon and by the time that happens DL will become pushed back and supplies will remain low and prices kept high. If those formats were not so close to market then time may have driven DL prices and demand. But I don’t think it will happen somehow what with HD formats around the corner. I’d love to make affordable 1-1 backups of my collection but I don’t want to pay the current prices.

I’m sorry, but if you think Blu-Ray or HD-DVD are going to come in and save the day, then you are sadly mistaken. If you think DL prices are high, just think what BR or HD-DVD blanks are going to be like. Personally, $5 per DL blank, while much higher than the cost of 2 SL blanks, is still not that bad of a deal. Considering that the alternative to backing up your movie collection is having to buy a second copy (if you want true copies of you movies) of all your movies.

Just my two cents…