DVD+R DL media and older dvd players

I just burned my first DL layer disk on my DW1650, Verbatim DVD+R DL @2.4x (MIS). I used DVD-ROM booktype. My player is the Panasonic CP-72S. This player plays single layer +R fine when booktyped to DVD-ROM, but not otherwise. Always plays -R. So I guess I need to go with DVD-R DL? Or do these older players just have problems with DL period? If so, why does it play pre-recorded DL disks fine, though? So many questions…

You may have luck with DVD+R DL bitset to DVD-ROM.
DVD-R DL has even more compatibility problems.

As kg says, -R DL has more problems than +R DL. Your best bet will be +R DL bitset to -ROM, and I’m guessing it will work.

This one was burned as -ROM. So am I out of luck? The manual says compatible with single layer DVD-R only, though it has played every single layer +R set to DVD-ROM I’ve thrown at it. Won’t play +R unless set to -ROM. Might just not like DLs at all.

The disk plays fine on my SD3990.

I have an old Panasonic DVD-player/VCR that will only play the first layer, then gives an error at the layer break. It used to be that for the price of a spindle of DL media, you could buy a couple new players. Things have improved a little. Treat yourself to a new player. :bigsmile:

In my expierence, Panasonic, especially older ones tend to puke on the DVD+R format.

Being a mover and shaker in the DVD-R forum its my opinion they deliberately choose not to play nice with +Rs.

That said, its a good time to grab a new player.

Yup, Panasonic standalones are always picky with any burned DL…

Contrary, my 6 years old SEG DVD 2000 plays DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL without any problems!

You’re DVD Player doesn’t read DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL:


However, it’ll read +R SL, -R SL, +RW SL and -R SL okay.

This was and still is a decent player, one of the Pannys with the faroujda chip. It does play +R, +RW but ONLY if formatted to DVD-ROM. Otherwise, no deal. I do have another player, I guess I’ll just have to play those discs on that player because I really want this stuff I’m burning on DL.

The other player is the Insignia Recorder/VHS, got it on the $80 shipped deal I posted a few weeks back in Bargain Basement. Its a rebadged LG. It crapped out big time last night after only 6 weeks or so. Motor grinds loudly. Will have to see if BB will take it back…

Booktyped… :wink:

My Panasonic S-35 (made in 2003) does play D/L DVD+R Verbs WITH THE BOOKTYPE SET TO DVD-ROM. That being said it does seem to have some issues with the layer transitions and sometimes needs a little help moving them along. Not sure if this is just the DVD Player or the actual burn though as I need to test it out on other players.