DVD+R DL Lightscribe Media Now Dead?

From Verbatim’s website it appears that they have ceased production of their DVD+R DL LS Media, although they continue to make regular DVD single layer LS. My usual supplier has no stock and will no longer carry them.
I’m busy buying up whatever stock I can find online as I use these quite a lot.
I know of no other brand making the DL ones.

Anyone any insight?


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I occasionally see them here in Germany but it is quite possible that Verbatim is giving up DVD+R DL LS production as demand for LightScribe discs is fairly low. As an alternative you could consider inkjet printables…

Pity really because with a bit of manipulation one can get a pretty good image with LS albeit monochrome.

Yes I guess I will eventually have to upgrade my Canon printer to one that prints CD/DVD media too.

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I have never found LightScribe to be good for labeling. On DVD in particular, the coating being on bottom of disc you have clear plastic between top and lasered label and it looks odd.

Contrast issues and very long time to make labels that are dark enough to read and possible fading of label over time all fight against the success of the idea.

I prefer top-coated printable. Consistent application for both CD and DVD (label always on top), speed is faster and using color is more beneficial to me.

After trying for a while, I just gave up on LightScribe as too much bother and too slow.

I don’t see a clear plastic layer between the coating and me, I wonder what media brand you are using?

I find no problems with the contrast either as I usually burn the image 2 or even 3 times, OK that takes longer but gives a better impression.

I admit it still doesn’t match a good quality inkjet printed disk though and once my current printer bites the dust I will get one that prints on printable CD/DVD/Blu-ray media.

Have you done LightScribe on CD and then on DVD and compare right next to each other?

The gold laser coating on the CD’s is on TOP of the disc.

But on DVD’s the gold laser coating is underneath the disc material.

I have seen this on all the media I tried initially - HP, Imation, etc.

Mine are mainly Verbatim and all look the same, but I suppose there could be a layer over although I can’t see it. Must be me. :wink:

I was looking to buy some lightscribe dl disks for me and found them at Overstok.com: http://www.overstock.com/Electronics/Verbatim-Double-Layer-DVD-R-DL-8.5GB-8x-LightScribe-10pk-Spindle-Box/3509111/product.html

So you can buy some too until they gone.

Yep, they’re still available at several outlets. Get 'em while you can.