DVD +R DL for Game backups?

I am trying to make a backup of a game i have Splinter Cell chaos Theroy it is 5.2 gb. Thus will not fit on a single layer disc. If I back it up to a dual layer disc what type of media should i use so that my xbox will recognize it.

My xbox has a thompson drive

Verbatim is the only DL disk that can be used for consoles, if one does not want to have troubles. With a Thomson drive I suppose it won’t work though.:slight_smile: By the way, remove some unnecessary files from the 5.2GB iso and you can use any DVD-R/DVD+R media with no problem.

regards, Stephen

It will work on some Thomson drives but it does seem to be hit and miss. Then again the second I found out I had a tommy in my XBOX, I would pitch the sucker on ebay and replace it.

How do I know which files are “unnessacary”

One hint: some languages for example… :slight_smile: Though you forgot to mention what region your game is from (and is it an original or an “.iso”)

regards, Stephen