DVD+R DL Double Layer Ridata 2.99 €





I am not quite sure why the only question in English has an answer of “we can send you 5 pieces for $49 Euros”. I think the catch is that you have to pay 8 euros per item postage wise, which works out more then in the UK. I could be wrong, but that is what it seems like. Postage cost is always the catch in cheap prices.

After a bit more translating, it does seem I am right. 8.9 euros per disc on top of the 2.99 euros means it costs over 10 euros per disc, which is around the same as in the UK, maybe a bit more. Their price for 12 discs is 105 euros, not very cheap really, in comparison to UK prices anyway.

Their auction price converted to UK pounds = £72 for 12 DL discs inc post
UK website SVP = £58 inc post for same 12 DL discs

I am not saying that auctions price is over the top or unrealistic, but it is NOT as good as it first seems, of 2.99 Euros. Looks like your typical fee avoidance, as postage isn’t counted in Ebay fees, not only this but it looks better at first glance and can catch people off-guard.

Peaq, are you running the auction ?


Jon Read, you are absolutely right about the 8 Euros per item thing. This almost looks like a scam to me:


[i]Q: Hello, what do I have to pay if I want to order 10 discs? 29.90 Euros (for the discs) + 8.90 Euros (for shipping)? Greetings, Thomas

A: Unfortunately, we can only reduce shipping costs to a certain degree if you are going to order a higher number of discs. We can offer you a 5pcs pack including shipping for 49.75 Euros, or 12pcs for 105.00 Euros (incl. shipping).[/i]

Considering the fact that you can buy genuine MKM DL discs for ~7.00 Euros each over here (pack of 5 Philips DL discs for 34.94 Euros, Verbatim branded discs 38.37 Euros (5pcs pack) , this offer is a joke.