DVD+/-R DL discs - which are best?

I have used some (a lot actually) DVD+Rs (verbatims were used with best results [although MII] also memores [with marginal results at best] and apparently fake TYs [with surprisingly OK results]) to backup some movies I have. I most use Nero 7 Premium for everything (used clonedvd in the past but didn’t like the results - very bad pixelation and quick quality detirioration.) But enough of that… Here’s my dilemma/question. Even using the BEST DVD+/-R disc to backup a DVD (obviously not bluray) movie carries in it an inherent … deterioration of that movie as the volume of the target disc is a lot smaller, right? Yes. I would like to start using DLs for all these backup applications. Herein lies a question: who makes best DL discs? Does TY make DL discs?

P.S. I have checked out SuperMediaStore and still would like your $0.02 on this. Thank you.

IMO Verbatim make DLs which are the most consistent in quality…others I’ve used either don’t complete a burn, or burn quality is very poor.

TY do make -R DL, but I’d still pick the Verbies. :slight_smile:

huh. OK. (I was eyeing those verbatims too - the ones with the MIS label.)

That’s the ones.