DVD+R DL deals or just goo prices?



anyone have either? a good sale or just a place where everyone get’s their DL media cheaply/ without getting gouged for shipping?



lol, what country are you in? If you are in the UK don’t expect to get DL media cheap, full stop. I pay 54 pounds for a 25 pack of DL media to save on the shipping costs that I’d have to pay for ordering 2 packs of 10. You wont really get them any cheaper if you want good quality DL media. o.t, but a word of warning, stay away from Ritek DL media. If you want something a big cheaper you could go for CMC media branded as ‘Bulkpaq’. I get decent results on those discs, but have stopped using them as I dont know how long they will last. They’ve lasted me 5 months so, far but you dont want to have to reburn later.


I’m in the US.

I know Verbatim is hands down best but what about Sony? Who’s media does sony rebadge?

Brands I’ve been told to avoid:
-Memorex (though I had very good results with a 25pk of DVD+R DL of these)

what online places are good to get +DL media? Or should I just use single layers until bestbuy has a deal again?


There are no sony DL media as far as Im aware. Ive heard of all sorts of online store, Meritline, newegg, etc, just browse this section and the Blank media section (saw one mention there). Ive seen mentions of you guys in the states getting a ten pack of Verb DL media for as low as 18 dollars or something to that effect. Over hear there are no deals of any sort on DL media, and we pay the full-er wack, i.e 40 dollars for a ten pack. I paid 100 dollars for a 25 pack off the internet, better than paying 2 lots of shipping charges but still a bit pricey.


here is some…probally crappy though…39.75 for 25 pack