DVD-R DL Compatibility "tests"

Just asking.
But why, when the Verbatim Media are clearly marked as 4X in the pictures in your review, did the test discs get burned at 6X?

I would have thought there would be far better compatibility from burning at the slower speeds, rather than 6x which is above the stated maximum?
All my Verbatim DVD-R DL media are clearly labelled as 4X, not 6X, and they read perfectly on both my Pioneer burner and my Denon 2910, as well as the Cambridge Audio 540D and DVD89 units.

The media is always optimized for the speed it’s rated for, but some drives/firmwares allow overspeeding of media, even DL media.

Some burners can burn 2.4x rated Verbatim DL media at 8x!

Also, the compatibility issue is not from a poor burn, but because of many players not understanding the “DVD-R DL” booktype. For DVD+R DL, most drives set the booktype to “DVD-ROM”, so a standalone player doesn’t freak out and plays it like any other disc.

But this does not explain why the discs and format was slated for reliability, when it was clearly burned too fast for the media rating.
It seems stupid.

As I explained before, the media is optimized exactly for the speed it’s rated for…

So I ask again - why burn 4x media at 6x, and then complain about reliability & burn issues?
It’s like overclocking a CPU and moaning when it overheats & goes unreliable.
Some mobos will allow you to overclock, but that still does not make it either
A - a good idea, or
B - reliable.

Sorry, the “test” was flawed.

Why? Because you can!

What do you really want to ask? I cannot see a point…

Carline, As teGrue already mentioned, the compatibility problem is not about the burning speed but instead how the player treats and reads the media. On some players they will see DVD-R DL as DVD-R which is a single layer and the player simply stopped at layer break and won’t continue. Some newer and high end standalone players (like the ones you own) will not have this problem. DVD burners also will play back perfectly since they can distinguish between DVD-R and DVD-R DL.